6 Ways to Get into Esports & Competitive Gaming


The habits and expectations of people have changed from the moment when we got the Internet. Because of that, we have got many new inventions and professions in the world. Gaming was nothing more than a way to have fun. Kids were playing games when they finish their school duties. However, if they were not good, they were grounded and they could not turn on their computers.

Now, gaming is one of the most profitable and perspective industries in the world. Some people are still skeptical because they do not consider gaming is a “real job”. Indeed, you are not dealing with a lot of papers, you do not have a boss, and you do not have working hours. However, that doesn’t mean that becoming a professional gamer is an easy thing.
On the contrary, you have a huge number of gamers today that are trying to become number one in the world. This filed is competitive and you need to find the right ways to get into esports.

Before we start with our list, we need to say one thing. Do not get under the influence of society. Being a gamer is a “real job”. You will have to spend hours in front of the computer to improve your gaming skills.
Let’s see together how you can do that.

Focus on One Game

We know that beginners are curious and they would want to try out their gaming skills in different games. It is smart to research which options you have. More precisely, you need to pick the right game genre.
However, that doesn’t mean you should play all of them. For instance, if you pick first-person shooting games, then you should focus only on Counter-Strike. Playing two or more games at the same time won’t help you get into competitive gaming in the right game. You might be good at all those games, but you won’t be amazing in either of them.

Focus On Gaming Platform


We know that most of the gamers start playing games on their PC. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself only on one device. You should try them out all. For example, some of the alternatives that you have is playing games on Xbox and PlayStation.
Still, once again, this doesn’t mean you should use them at the same moment. After trying to play with all of them, you should pick the one that suits you the most. Yet, you need to know that different games are supporting different gaming platforms. That is one of the factors that you should follow as well. There are also some of them like Fortnite that are available to all gaming platforms. Yet, some of them are limited to certain ones. Research that before you start playing.

Analyze Popular Techniques

Self-education will mean a lot to you if you plan to get involved in the Esports industry. That’s why you need to take the responsibility to learn some techniques and tactics on your own. Fortunately, doing that is easier than ever before.
Most of the professional gamers are publishing videos online. For instance, they record a video while playing a certain game and publish it to their YouTube account. Despite that, a huge number of games are streamed on different platforms. For instance, you can check many live streams on Twitch and YouTube as well. We recommend you carefully follow how a current gamer or the current team is playing. After analyzing their moves and tactics, you can apply them to your playing. Besides that, you will know how to recognize an opponent that is using the same tactic. In that way, you could be one step ahead of your opponents.

Network with Other Players

This would be a great thing to do. First of all, you should connect with other beginners that are on the same path as you. You can form a group together with them and grow together as a team. Self-improvement is always more entertaining and easier when you are surrounded by people that have the same goal as you. You should all visit some less-quality tournaments until you improve your skills. If everything goes in the right direction, you will get the opportunity to play on some professional tournaments.
Still, you should connect with the more experienced players as well. You can ask them to help you with different pieces of advice. However, keep in mind that not all of them are ready to expose their tactics and strategies. Yet, it is not something that should disappoint you. Each gamer functions like an individual and it has personal goals. However, spending time with them and playing games with them will mean a lot to you. You can, once again, see the tactics of more experienced players. Yet, this time, you won’t only watch the video online. You will have the chance to see how everything functions in reality.

Get a Coach


Well, this is probably the best way to get into Esports. Some professional gamers are completely willing to expose their way of playing. They are also willing to dedicate you their time and help you improve your skills. However, they are not doing that for free. Still, that doesn’t mean that paying for game coaching is not a valuable investment. Indeed, you will have to reduce your budget a little. Still, as we said, the esports industry is one of the most perspective and profitable industries in the world. The money you spend will get back to you sooner or later; the skills that you improve will remain forever.
One of the things that you need to be careful about is to pick the right coach. Fortunately, there are many reliable websites that you can visit. For instance, WoW players should visit piratebay-coaching.com to find some of the best WoW coaches online. We suggest you check their website and see which options you have.

Start Building Your Online Reputation

Online presence is equally important for your success as the previous steps. Social media platforms are a place where some serious gaming times can notice your talents. That is the place where you should work on your self-promotion. You can do that by streaming, publishing tutorials, etc. However, do not decide on this move until you completely improve your skills. It would be much smarter to be patient and wait for a few months until you achieve some bigger goals.