6 Ways to Get Latest Technology News and Tips


Technology has been imbibed in our lives in a way that we even cannot think a day without it. Surrounded by gadgets, mobile apps, self-driving cars, software, drones – no matter what you say, everything around involves technology.

To keep the pace with the challenging environment of today, it is essential to be versed with the latest technological advancement and stay tuned to the informational sources like NextRankers.

On the other hand, if you are trying to create a news website on your own, you should know that it is not an easy task, even when using WordPress. In that case, you will have to keep track of the reliable news on high-authority tech websites, like TechRadar, for instance. As you upgrade your website by adding content, it may happen that WordPress causes some issues and bags, and you might need to use WP Reset. Just make sure the tech articles are original. By writing and posting articles yourself, you will definitely be well-informed. And who knows, perhaps your website becomes the source of information one day.


If you are wondering how to update your tech-knowledge with the ever-changing environments, here are some tips and trick that can help you in updating with the latest trends in technology:

1. Subscribe to some magazines related to Technology

While print media has seen downward trends due to the emerging trends of the internet; magazines, journals, and newspaper are still the undisputed choices of avid readers who want to upgrade their knowledge and have a passion for reading. There are many weekly as well as monthly journal and magazines available in the market which covers the information section on the new trends in technology and about the tech advancements across the globe.

Give 20 minutes a day to these journals and you will surely be a Tech-Ninja soon.

2. Participate in Forum discussion

Various forums are available online, dedicated to each stream or subject. You can easily register to such forums and become a member to actively participate in these discussions. However, if you are not confident about the subject initially, you can passively participate in these discussions to have good knowledge and understand about the matter.

As each day, new questions are posed and new solutions are offered, keeping an eye on this forum will keep you updated about latest technological advancements, their relevance as well as their application from different perspectives.

3. Discuss with your peers


Peer group is the most important source of information. Over a lunch break or at chit sessions during tea time, you can accumulate the most relevant knowledge related to your professional skills. Even if your work profile does not include technological aspects, you may be acquainted with the people at your workplace who are in the relevant profile.

Never hesitate to discuss your queries and observations to them to give new horizons to your learning.

4. Browse through internet

Google has emerged as one of the most powerful search engines which have an answer to almost every query. Every day millions of users add relevant information and text which enlightens the mind and soul of a large number of people. There are several websites like ProTechMate which offer comprehensive information on the various technology-related developments.

5. Subscribe to the newsletters

Both offline and online, there is an option to subscribe for the newsletter by the journals and websites. When you enter any website, you are asked to register your website to stay tuned to its regular newsletter updating the users about the latest advancements. Similarly, the journals also have this facility to subscribe to their newsletter which is an important source of information about the latest information on the relevant subject.

6. Social Media platforms


There are various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc where numerous bloggers update their technical skills and experiences to educate their followers. They keep an eye at various advancements in the field of technology and regularly post the updates about the same.

These platforms have become a lifeline of millions of users for internet today and each information spreads like a ‘fire’ here. Hence, these social media platforms have emerged as the quick source of information and you can also contribute to the world being active on such platforms and regularly sharing your knowledge and tech-skills.

(Caution – Such platforms are also dominated by fake viral news by some mischievous users. It is important to check the authenticity of any such news before circulating it across)