Melbourne travellers – 8 wonderful winter tips


Heading out of Melbourne this winter?

Here are some terrific tips to help you overcome those wicked winter obstacles.

Check your transport

Winter weather can wreak havoc with transport – so monitor delays.
Regularly check the status of your flight, train or bus so that you can make alternate arrangements and don’t end up waiting in the cold.

For peace of mind, you can download the FlightAware flight tracking app.

Turn on private browsing

Websites can track your visits, so if you keep returning to the same site to search for flights or accommodation, you might find the price creeping up – avoid this by turning on private browsing mode.

This is a great tip for all year round, but in particular during the peak travel periods such as the school winter holidays, when prices are already high.

Bulky clothing

Save precious luggage space by wearing bulky winter items like your coat and scarf at the airport. You can always remove them if you get too warm and a scarf can make a great backrest during your flight.


Winter equals cold, but the precise weather conditions vary significantly from place to place, so make sure you check the weather forecast for your destination.

For up-to-the-minute, hyperlocal weather forecasts that’ll leave you one step ahead of mother nature, download the Dark Sky weather app.

Heated blanket

Don’t assume that your accommodation will be nicely heated just because it’s winter.

An electric blanket is a neat investment for near-instant warmth – it heats up quickly and will keep you extra cozy on a cold winter’s day.

If you’re worried about how much luggage space it’ll take up, compact versions are available. Online reviews, like ones available on HeaterKing can help you decide which heated blanket is best you.

Stay active

When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to stay indoors wrapped up layers. However, clothing only helps trap heat and it’s your body that keeps you warm. Therefore, the best thing for you is being active –so go out and have some fun in the great outdoors to get that blood pumping and reheat your body.

Stay hydrated

When you’re traveling in winter you can become dehydrated rapidly, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids.

Start as you mean to go on by taking an empty bottle to the airport and fill it up with water once you’ve passed security. Carry it with you on your hols and you’ll never feel parched, but be sure to treat yourself to hot chocolate or two as well.


Public transport is a lottery and the last thing you want is to travel to the airport on a train or bus where heat is not guaranteed – you’ll be much more comfortable if you drive. With the heater on full blast, you’ll be feeling super cosy as you cruise along, and you can find great deals for Melbourne airport parking on

Follow these tips and look forward to a warm and wonderful winter getaway!

That’s our list! Share your winter travel tips in the comments section.