6 Ways to Give Your Campervan an Upgrade


Campervans can make traveling around far easier and more fun. No more messing around trying to remember how you erected the tent last year or trying to locate the missing bag of tent pegs. No more wasted hours packing a car with a plethora of things that you need for a more traditional camping holiday. You can just take off and see where you end up. Gone are any concerns about where you will sleep or fretting over a potential night crushed up next to a steering wheel and a gear stick.

Campervans are pretty versatile, which is why many people push the boundaries a bit and use them for things you might not expect such as mobile barbershops, storefronts, and recording studios, to name but a few. While they’re cool in their own right, there are some things about mobile campervans that are pretty strange and don’t play well with some general perceptions about them. But fret not, there is a whole guide for you to check out over at CamperFAQs.com to answer your concerns and worries.

There are some subtle reasons for these things, but they are some of the most persistent impressions people have of mobile campers.

Whatever you decide to use yours for, there are some cool ways to jazz them up. Here are 6 ways to give your campervan an upgrade.

Transform the sleeping area


One way to create a lovely sleeping area, if space allows, is to create fixed bedding. If you have been out and about all day, there’s nothing nicer than a proper bed. Creating an ottoman style bed is a brilliant idea as it allows for lots of storage underneath. Raising a mattress on some cubed storage units is another fab way to create a cool bed without foregoing any storage space. If you want to push the boat out, why not fit a hammock and spend lots of lazy days and nights just hanging around.

Many people use glulam walls to achieve a relaxed sleeping area, and this is a cool solution too. You can use a cheap take-away clapton bed sheet to help create a nice sleeping area.

Block out outside noise

If you intend using your camper when visiting music festivals or busy campsites, for example, then a great upgrade idea is to add soundproofing. It will make a big difference to sound levels by blocking out a huge percentage of outside noise. Have a look online for a guide on how to do it. It’s a fairly straightforward process and will most certainly contribute to a restful night’s sleep.

Upgrade the exterior


We have probably all been in awe of The Mystery Machine at one time or another. If you fancy giving your camper a new look, there are lots of cool paint colors to choose from. Vinyl decals can also assist with a funky external upgrade. From hearts to flowers, the choice is endless. When parked, why not jazz up your camper with some flower boxes or even erect a picket fence at the side of your home from home.  If you have plenty of space, paint the whole vehicle orange and use it as a mobile billboard to gain attention. With the right decals and a few pointers from the experts, This machine can look a whole lot cooler and more practical!

Insulated vehicle air barrier system

This is an area in which you have full control since you have the power to hire a mechanic, buy an upgrade yourself, and add it to your campervan. You can choose between two different solutions to building an insulated vehicle air barrier system – A/C Shield and Reinforced Silicone Coating. Both of these systems use the same materials and are extremely lightweight, durable, and non-damaging.

The other good thing about A/C Shield is that it is highly flexible and will work with nearly all aftermarket AC system installations – Carbon Fibre and Lithium-ion. The reason it is more flexible than the Reinforced Silicone coating is due to its self-drying.


The most important thing to do in any campervan is to keep it clean, with a good condition, in order to maximize its lifespan. Every part of the camper van, from the inside to the outside, is touched by air, the most important thing is to make sure that your campervan stays this way. The greasier, the better! Quality engine oil is one of the first things you should change, as well as check the coolant and air filter. Also, if you’re planning on camping often, you’ll need to choose a good sealant. Remember to use one that you buy that will fit your camper van, as it makes sure the water does not leak into the engine compartment.

Add some accessories


We add lots of little touches and accessories to our main homes, so why not do the same to a camper. If you have a kitchen seating area, add cushions to create texture and some contrasting colors. Fake plants are a great way to add a bit of warmth, and lots of little family photos dotted around the place will create a homeliness. When dusk is approaching, switch on lots of little twinkling fairy lights to add a lovely touch of magic.

Our Final Thoughts

Something new

Have an idea in mind for your campervan? Want to leave your old campervan an empty shell? If you’re looking for a radical new campervan that can surely stand on its own, check out our list of the best campervan changes.

To make your campervan more appealing, we recommend:

  • New paint job
  • New window or door designs
  • New interior features
  • Upgraded stereo
  • New quality interior materials
  • Update your accessories

New accessories are necessary to keep your campervan in tip-top condition. Depending on what makes your campervan unique, you can upgrade all the necessary components, such as air conditioners, tires, motor, brakes, lights, etc.