How to Stand Out from The Crowd?

Do you dare to be different? This modern world offers more and more opportunities to stand out from the crowd than ever before, so here are just a few ideas to help you stand out from the crowd:

Be Interested in Life

Some people are, in fact, born to stand out from the crowd. If you’re one of them, take pride in your interests and talents. If you’ve always been curious about life, you might want to make an effort to “do more with your life”. Be Happy – Life is filled with funny people. Laughing, smiling, snickering – those are all the characteristics that make us happier. Showing your happiness is an easy way to show people you’re interesting. The best way to become popular is to spread your happiness and passion and celebrate the things you’re passionate about.

Adjust your mood

You could decide to wake up with a smile on your face. Or you could spend a morning with your reflection and look at yourself in the mirror, and think, “This is what I want to do with my life.”

Try just a few small changes and see how it feels. Remember: you’re not looking for huge changes; you’re just trying to get more than enough small changes to realize that you’re happy in what you’re doing.

And remember: it’s important not to do this and get frustrated.


Follow your own trend by choosing how you want to be seen in different situations.  Yes, work may make you conform to a smart suit but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the everyday “casual” wear when it’s your day off. Maybe you fancy trying out a certain look (punk, goth, hippie, country bumpkin…) or you want to make up one of your own.

Whatever your chosen style, shop around for clothes and accessories that fit in.  You can even buy hair sprays in bright colors that wash out the next day! You might choose different styles for different occasions and times of day. It could just be a small change like wearing a flower in your hair or growing a moustache, but that could be enough to make you feel like a different person.

And speaking of fashion, Follow the clothing trends. Studies show that women’s fashion styles begin to mirror the fashion culture of the nation that they live in in their early 20s. And a study done by Cosmopolitan Magazine,in 2007 found that 75% of women in their 20s on college campuses bought the clothes, accessories, and footwear associated with college college students’ cultures, which has helped them to fit in.  Try to wear something different every day

Body Art

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo or a body piercing?  It can be a discreet way of giving you an identity or it can be a full-blown statement.  Make sure you go on recommendations from friends and ensure hygiene certificates are up to date.

Don’t do this on an impulse, make sure it is planned and you will be happy with the result. Think about when it is a good time to do it too; if you’re going on holiday, don’t get a tattoo the day before as keeping it covered in cling film may be tricky or upsetting!  If in doubt, you could go for a temporary tattoo.

If you’re getting a piercing, make sure you have the time to look after the area and keep it clean.  Bear in mind it might bleed for a few days afterward, so if you don’t want it looking unsightly at work, make sure you do it when you have a few days off!


Try a new hobby that’s a bit different… how about a bungee workout, a photography course or cheerleading?  Some cheerleading groups have their own cheer shirt ideas like the ones here to help them stand out from the crowd!  You could learn a new language, try a new recipe or go for a meal at a restaurant you’ve never visited before.

New experiences lead to meeting more interesting people learning new skills. You might make new friends who also want to stand out from the crowd and can give you pointers on ways to do so.


Get away from the daily grind by travelling to different places.  This can give you inspiration and new experiences which can in turn help you feel better about yourself.  Meeting strangers and finding out what makes them tick can help you see yourself differently and seeing their reaction to a “new you” can be interesting.

Once you get the travel bug, you might find you change how you want to look to others too! This new you will be different and that’s the beauty of it. You’re not always going to like the changes, but if you allow yourself to enjoy the changes, you’ll be pleased with yourself.. Don’t wait until you feel better before you act.

Be a foodie

Having to pay for your meals at a cheap restaurant or drive through food truck every night in search of tacos and comaladas will not build the kind of confidence you need for life in this modern world. Try asking around town where someone could recommend a few good restaurants and getting some friendly advice. If you like the idea, then do some research on the best places to eat within walking distance. That’s the road to social influence.

Finding social influence is all about making new friends who are different from yourself. Sometimes, one person is a bunch of people in a pizza joint, but it could be five friends and one person that dances in a weird kind of way!

Stand out by being bold

A solid reputation and a positive reputation can help you stand out from the crowd. When you are confident and authentic, people will feel comfortable sharing what they know with you, no matter what their reason may be. A solid reputation and a positive reputation can help you stand out from the crowd!