7 Activities to Keep You Busy This Monsoon When at Home

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Monsoon is already here! The season of rains and dark clouds, this has its own romantic effect on the minds of people. Due to continuous downpour, you may find yourself more often than now bound to home, especially if the roads are water-clogged or the transport is disrupted, barring you from anywhere out of your house. In such a scenario, how to keep yourself busy and entertained?

Here are a few activities you can take up this monsoon and keep yourself entertained.

1. Enjoy a Get-Together When at Home

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Do not wish to step out of the home due to bad weather but still want to utilize your time productively? If so, then you can play Dumb Charades at home with your folks. In Dumb Charades, a person from the opposing team is given a movie title to enact without speaking a word, but through gestures and dramatics. The other person from the same team has to then decode the title. If the title is not decoded, the opposing team wins and earns a point. As it is a group game, at a time many people can participate. So you can have maximum fun in the shortest time.

2. Kill Time during Your Day Off

Due to heavy rains, many times people choose to work from home, or sometimes due to heavy downpour, workplaces declare a day off. So, if you are stranded at the time and have sufficient time in hand to kill, then you can play video games at home. You can spend hours playing different kinds of video games on the internet. Try out sports-related video games, such as that of cricket, basketball, soccer, etc.

Furthermore, you can read the news if your internet is working. There are some websites such as aTrendHub which provide useful information regarding various topics. It is a great source to pass time with.

3. Feel Stressed or Gloomy? Invite Friends Over

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In the rainy season, being at home or midst cloudy weather can sometimes downplay the mood. But to perk up, you can ask your friends in the neighboring area to come over for a chat. Not only will it involve your mind but make for a happy time. It will also help your friends to de-stress and spend some quality time with you. Meaningful and friendly conversations are after all always a mood-booster.

4. Is Your DTH Connection Acting Up? Switch to Rummy

During monsoons, one of the most common snags is DTH signal disruption. This way, it is hard to watch your favorite television program, marrying the mood. But there is a rescue to it, switch to a free rummy game, and play without any interruptions. Rummy has always been one of the most popular household games that people play during get-togethers. And it is one of the fastest-growing card games online, with platforms like KhelPlay Rummy providing an extremely seamless and robust online multiplayer experience for rummy enthusiasts.

All you need is a device from which you can access the card game, and of course, an internet connection. You can even get a rummy app on your smartphone and access the game on-the-go. This game asks brainpower and it boosts intelligence to keep you focussed and attentive. You can also download the KhelPlay Rummy app to enjoy a dedicated rummy experience on your mobile devices wherever you are.

5. Cooking Activity

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Monsoon is a good time to enjoy tea and hot snacks in the evening. Most people love to muse over nature amidst a sip of tea and fried food items, isn’t it? Why not take the spirit of the season a notch higher by cooking the favorite culinary items for your friends and family? Involve your family members along and strengthen your bond with them. Lookup for easy recipes on the internet if you have to and have a gala time.

6. Have Time on Hand – Invest in Hobbies

Do you have leisure time at hand? Then why not take up your favorite hobby. Many people like to paint, draw, play musical instruments, sing, make funny videos, read, and do other things that keep them engaged and relaxed. You can also find your muse and spend time practicing in a hobby that interests you. This way, you can develop and improve your skills in the hobby and will not succumb to boredom.

7. Unable to Sleep – Try Meditation

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Are you unable to get to sleep because of torrid thunder and the sound of downpour on the house roof? Common snag it is, isn’t it? Why waste your wakefulness into thinking about things you should avoid? Rather, you can use this time to meditate and calm your mind until you feel sleepy and can rest your eyes and mind from the buzz of the day.

Final Thoughts

Monsoon is a season, which is adored by many. It is a time where you may get inspired to try out fun activities, even if indoors. You can try out activities that boost intelligence, focus, concentration, confidence so that you can get over the gloom of the weather. If stranded at home, you can even use this to improve your relationship with family members and friends.