7 Best Gyms in the World: You Must Visit These


Are you a fitness fanatic? In case you cannot imagine your life without exercises, you have probably changed several gyms in your life. Some of them were better-equipped the others had better personal trainers while some were less expensive. But each of these had something unique.

If you think that you are ready for the next level, maybe you should even consider opening your own gym franchise as well! Entrepreneurial spirit and healthy habits can push you all the way to turning a gym into your business. There’s food for thought for you and while you are mulling over that idea, let’s check out 7 best gyms in the world.

Brooklyn, New York


In case you are traveling to New York, make sure to visit Brooklyn for this parkour paradise. This gym spreads out over two floors, and there are foam pits, padded mats and urban graffiti all over the place. Go through the obstacles for the adrenaline rush and a true test of strength and agility.

La Belle Equipe, Paris

Rarely does a gym look like a boutique located in a high-end part of a city. However, this training facility in Paris that specializes in Thai boxing really looks luxurious. It is a perfect place for busy clients to deal with stress and fatigue.

Das Gym, Vienna


In case you are into motivational posters, Das Gym in Vienna, Austria will be the iron paradise for you. This is a traditional fitness center, but it is huge. Several sections exist one of which is a strongman area. You know that this is a serious gym because a chin-up bar is located in the shower. At least here you will not have to wait for the others to finish their sets.

Aqua Expeditions, Peru


If you consider yourself an adventurist, visit Peru and Aqua Expeditions gym. You have a wonderful view of the Amazon rainforest, but you can work at peace because wildlife stays out of this gym. Although it is quite compact, the stunning views are the main reason why you need to complete at least one practice here. If you are not motivated by this sight, nothing will push you. For the ultimate Peru itinerary visit have-clothes-will-travel.com.

Third Space, London


Third Space is a luxury chain of fitness clubs that are placed all around London, England. Some of its locations include Soho, Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge and with the appearance of this chain, the Londoners got spoilt! VIP access is one of the options here, and there are private massage chairs, making this gym a dream place for all those who want to work out in style.

Illoiha Omotesando, Tokyo

In case the wall-climbing has been your passion, there isn’t any better place for it than Illoiha Omotesando fitness center in Tokyo, Japan. The climbing wall looks more like a gallery with photo frames, but it is quite demanding to climb up. And yes, this gym is never short of visitors.

NFC Court, San Francisco


Another impressive sight is an outdoor gym located at the NFC Court in San Francisco. It is the most scenic gym in North America since it is looking directly at the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though it has been opened since 2013, this place is swirling with visitors who come here to do all kinds of exercises.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing training facilities all around the world. However, the best one is somewhere in your neighborhood. Truthfully speaking, nobody is willing to walk for miles just for workouts no matter how much of enthusiast you consider yourself to be. And the biggest problem is going back home, especially after a leg day. Which gym impressed you?