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We live in an online world, where everything is easy, especially shopping. Many people nowadays like online shopping because they don’t need to leave there house to do it. You can sit in your comfy chair and order everything you want. Just like regular shopping, online shopping can be pricey sometimes, and that’s where coupon codes come in.

Coupon codes are promo codes that give you discounts, and there are even websites where you can find free coupon codes. One of the best websites for coupon codes is

What are coupon codes?

Simply put a coupon code is a computer-generated code, and it mostly consists of letters and numbers. You can enter the code into a promotional box on a website on the checkout page and you will get a discount. This is a simple marketing strategy that will attract more customers to someone’s website. And it will also increase sales on that website. Website owners will also lift brand awareness, gain more online followers, gather customer information, and motivate customers to engage with their campaigns. But if you are a person that just wants a discount, these things don’t need to bother you.

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What kind of coupon codes there are?

There are many names for coupon codes, they can be called discount codes, promo or promotional codes, offer codes, gift codes, and similar. They can offer you a fixed discount, free shipping, a percentage off the entire purchase, or even gift wrapping. When it comes to prices, you can expect to see different amounts that are deducted and these can be used for clothing, tools, food, education as and many other similar websites offer great deals.

The difference between a discount code and promotional code

Discount codes and promotional codes are not the same things. A promotional code is a code with numbers and letters that you need to type into a promotional box on a website when you check out to get a discount, and a coupon is a visual image with messages for a special discount. Promo codes are usually specific codes that can be used only once or a few times, and they are traceable, so that website owners can communicate with the buyers that need various types of goods. And coupons can be copied and reused.

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Do coupon codes really work?

We can say that they really work. There is no reason for a coupon code to not work, it may not work only if it’s expired. But you don’t need to worry, because if a code has an expiration date, it will be stated on a website.

Where can you find coupon codes?

You can find this kind of codes mostly on a specific website that offers that code. But there are also websites that share only coupon codes. This is where everything is made easy. You don’t need to search for an online store with a valid coupon, you just need to go to a website and you can find coupon codes for all types of online stores there. There you can choose which code best suits your needs, copy it and go shopping. This way you can enjoy your easy and cheap shopping online or you can download CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder, an extension that automatically finds coupon codes when you browse the shopping websites.