Software Development Tendencies for 2019

2019 will be a very exciting year in terms of new technologies and software development because many of these will become viable and mainstream this year.

If you wanna get rich in this decade, make a software company. At the moment, biggest demand on the market in the US is for a software developer. If you are asking what is the description of their job, the answer is very simple because we see their work in every segment of our lives.

2019 will be the software year, and the developers will be the heroes of our time. Expecting tendencies for software development for next year include blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), progressive web apps, and cybersecurity.

Tendencies for 2019


When the bitcoin, digital currency, became the theme of the 2017 year blockchain also become a very important topic. We will be seeing this technology in pretty much every industry in the world. The first blockchain platforms were introduced last year and the leader in these technologies is IBM. They even closed the deal with banks and food distributors. For all businesses, it means that every industry from now on has apps on blockchain platforms. At the moment there are only 5,000 blockchain developers in the world, so if you want to get rich in the software niche, you should pay attention to the blockchain.

Cybersecurity reaches the highest point

Last year did not pass well for security on the web, and there was leaking information on many levels. One of the biggest scandals we witnessed was the election hacking fiasco. All the resources for development will be going for new solutions in the field of security. This security initiative can be divided into two categories: Internal and external.

There are predictions that the security software developers will be the developers of our generation, and who has skill in developing software for security will be highly paid next year.

Artificial intelligence and all the benefits from AI

Every businessman now needs to accept that they must have artificial intelligence in their business to stay relevant. For example, voice-activated home assistants, Insight-as-a-Service vendors, and smartphones are ready for big results in work with artificial intelligence. Leaders in this field will be data scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDO), and they will sat on that throne for many years from now.

According to scientists from these fields, results of the work with artificial intelligence will be all over the business and will reach many other things in the science. Many people think that artificial intelligence can even change the world landscape.

Progressive web apps

Websites or web pages which act like conventional apps or native mobile applications are progressive web apps. These apps are very useful because you have the mobile experience with the latest browser technology, isn’t it brilliant. First of all, Google has begun this trend, developing the browser that performs like mobile apps. Of course, you have the same level of experience. For the process of development, PWAs are not complex, and that is the main reason for their popularity.