7 Dwayne The Rock Johnson Cheat Meals


87 Epic Cheat Meals By Dwayne The Rock Johnson


We know that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a great entertainer, but he also uses almost every opportunity to inspire other people doing great things. Among the most amazing things that we saw from this guy are his cheat meals and here we are bringing seven of those that proved this man is simply amazing.

If you are among many that are looking for training guru and how things should be done in life, then Dwayne might be the best choice. It seems like he never stops and is always doing as much as he can to improve himself and his life. With a harsh diet and intense workouts, he brought his body closest to perfection.

Another thing he is famous for are his epic cheat meals. When you are as big as this guy, you can definitely eat a lot as you are spending a lot of energy every day through training and other regular activities. Johnson likes to destroy plates of sushi, homemade burgers, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and similar.

Most important thing to remember is: “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yo’ self,” as Dwayne would say.