7 Practical Ways To Set And Achieve Your Goals In Life


Stephen Covey, in his book “The Seven Secrets of Successful People” narrates that every successful person has to write down his personal or professional goal. The aim of this article is to introduce you to some powerful techniques and tips that will allow you to set workable goals. It beats logic to put something on paper that is not achievable.

Write down your Goals


It’s advisable to note down what you would like to achieve within a specific period. The simple act of writing down something makes someone think that it is achievable. It also serves as a reference point just in case you tend to forget your goals.

Set the Time Scale

Once you have your list, go through it and make a realistic plan on what you can achieve within a given time. Let the goals be challenging but attainable. Make sure you set a deadline for the achievement of each goal.

Follow the 4 P’s Approach


You can enhance the chances of achieving your goals by following the 4 P’s approach. These include present tense, positive, personal and powerful. The method is applicable irrespective of the nature of goals you are setting. At this point, you have very clear goals, and you know when you will achieve them.

Have the Power on Intent


The power of intent enhances the possibilities of achieving what you write down. Start to imagine how things will be once you achieve your goals. Just think how each goal will shape your feelings, how it will make a difference in your life and the beauty of the new life. You can use these positive feelings to get some motivation that will help you take the necessary steps of action.



It is also advisable to brainstorm every small step that you can undertake to achieve your goal. There is no problem even if you include some ideas that may appear to be silly as they may end up being the best. If you are in a relationship, you can brainstorm the couple goals together with him/her. Make sure you think of anything that you can do to achieve your goals. It does not cause any harm to think of the ideas of other people.

Make a decision

The next step is to decide on the steps you have to take to achieve your goals. Make sure you include a realistic timescale and deadline on each goal. Being pessimistic or overambitious may make you lose track.

Decide on Today’s Action

The last thing is to decide which action you will be taking today. Make sure you do the activity that you have set for that particular day. Review your progress on a regular basis as it will assist you in remaining on track. It’s also good to reward yourself once you achieve any milestone. You could buy yourself a good book, a cup of coffee, a meal out with friends or just take a walk in the fresh air. The reward should not necessarily be very expensive.


Most people set goals at the begging of the year but end up with no achievement in the long run. The reason is that most people make unrealistic goals or have no commitment to achieving what they have set. This article assists you to set achievable goals and guides you on how to undertake each step. Avoid procrastinating your goals and reward yourself for each achievement.