Effects of break up and the solution


Break up is one of the most painful experience for a human being. Only those people can feel it who went through it. The effect of break up is long lasting and take a long time to move on.

Breakup: People fall in love, and for various reasons sometimes it turned into a breakup. When two people are in a relationship and if that stable relationship is broken for certain circumstances than we can define that situation a breakup. The end of love is not break up as well as we cannot say that the end of feelings for each other is broken up. It is the end of an old situation, and the start of a new situation and this new start can be good or bad. Most of the time, the result of a break up is good, but it is painful due to missing each other. Here, on Romantific, you can check the most common reasons of a breakup.


Breakup and its effects: The effects of a breakup can be both good and bad. It depends on the mentality of the person and the situation in which the person is. If a couple ends a relationship for the good future of both, without any kind of bad impression of each other, this kind of breakup huts a lot. If one cheat with other, the other one feels the pain of defeat as well as the pain of losing someone special. Break up is losing the closest ones. Break up means the destroying of a lot of dreams. Break up means there is someone who exists in your whole world and all of a sudden it becomes empty. The people who went through the situation of break up never want someone to go through it. So getting over a breakup is important and sometimes life-changing.


Effects of break up on mental health: People cannot think anything else except his or her previous lover after a breakup. It is very hard to forget true love. It is also quite painful to accept the situation. Most of the people cannot move on for a long time and stuck in an uncertain situation which effects on his or her mental condition. Anxiety, depression, feelings of insured starts surrounding him. It becomes hard to concentrate any work even that work is playing his favorite games. Crying at sleepless night becomes an everyday routine. Many uncertain questions come to mind like why she has done this? What was my fault? Am a not capable to make her happy? Does she deserve better than me? He cannot find the answer to this questions and becomes sadder.

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Effects of break up on physical health: Breakup effects mostly on a mental condition and this concept are not right as mental and physical health depends on each other. The pain of breakup feels more at night at the time of sleep. People cannot sleep and have a sleepless night which decreases his appetite. Without proper sleep and nutrients, physical conditions become worse. Some people take suicidal attempt as they cannot bear the pain. Some people have sleeping pills to sleep properly, and the sleeping pill is bad for the heart and kidney.

Solutions of breakup(how to move on from this situations): love is not a simple fact. It contains a lot of emotions. After break up, those emotions make complexity in the life of the person. If you want to get rid of yourself from this situations, you have to take some steps.
Understand yourself: You have to understand what you are, what you want, what is your fault, what you will do in future. You have to accept the situation. Memories are precious, but after the breakup they become poison. So you have to delete those things which give you more pain. You need to spend more time with yourself and have to realize yourself. You have to carry on your life and have to accept that nothing can stop life.


Self-improvements: To move on in life, first of all, you have to accept the situation, and then you have to decide what you will do in the future. You have to rearrange your life again. To make a new arrangement, you have to change yourself. You can change yourself by improving yourself. Find your lacks and correct them. Be a better person than your previous self. Keep yourself busy by doing this improvement related works which will help you to forget your ex-partner as well as your pain. Don’t do those works which remind your ex-lover like watching photos or gifts. Ignore those places in which you have memories with your ex-partner. Replace those painful memories with better and new one. Read books. Listen to songs. Do exercise. Try to make yourself busy by doing good activities.

Spend a busy time: After a breakup, people feel pain mostly when they are alone. If you want to spend your time alone, make sure that you must keep yourself busy by doing works. Make a new life routine and follow that strictly. Try to make your life enjoyable. Concentrate to improve your life. Never think to destroy. Always try to remember one thing that life never stops for any reason whatever it is. If you do work for you, it will be better for your present as well as for the future. Try to spend time with friends, family members as well as near ones who love you. It will help you to make your bonding stronger. Besides, it will help you to forget the past. You can find new hobbies to spend your free times.


Life is not simple or complex. It fully depends on how you make your life. If you want to lead a happy life to try to accept the situation and move on. Be satisfied with what you have. It is important to believe in yourself. So, don’t get emotional and never take wrong steps what will destroy your life. Still, you have hope. Never stop dreaming. Everyone has their own principle and never try to change your principle because it is your identity.