7 things that only true Star Wars fans will know


Despite the fact that nowadays almost everyone is familiar with Star Wars movies there aren’t many who can brag about knowing this series so well and being a true fan.

This year is thrilling for all the fans because they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their favorite franchise. But that is not the only thing that makes this series so special. Namely, by the end of the year, we will have the final season of Star Wars Rebels, and in December The Last Jedi will be launched.

For all of those who think they are true fans of the saga, take a look at the list of seven things that every true fan must know, and see if you are among those experts.

The best special effects come from ILM

Industrial Light and Magic have changed the conception of visual effects, and they have been in the lead of the industry since the 70s and into the 80s thus winning numerous Oscars and awards for their outstanding work.


Sliding doors are actually opened by the Force

Instead of thinking that it’s the sensors that open the doors, start believing that they have nothing to do with it, it is the Force only. A world-known Jedi hand gestures are real.

Star Wars rules at the box office

If we are to talk about the Star Wars popularity, we can say with a certainty that only a few movies have made such enormous success as this franchise. And if we are to count the seats, we’ll see that it was only Gone With The Wind that stands in front of Star Wars, but let’s note that Gone With The Wind was a movie released in 1939.


Any film released by 20th Century Fox reminds us of Star Wars

This is something that true fans would notice. If we take a look at any movie, for instance: X-Men, Speed, Titanic, Planet Of The Apes, we’ll see that at least in some aspect it brings that Star Wars flavor.


Steven Spielberg needs to make a Star Wars film

Spielberg was seen at the helm of Return of The Jedi project, and he also took part in Revenge Of The Sith. And we know for sure what magic he could create in a movie such as this one.


There’s never a wrong time for a Star Wars quote

Even though you have never seen this movie, you have surely come across with some of its famous quotes. For this reason, this is a world-known franchise.

The prequel trilogy is wrongly criticized

People’s opinions differ highly on the prequel, while some are absolutely fascinated, to others the franchise would be great without this. Even though it doesn’t make a part of the original Star Wars movies, it still represents the very core of it.