7 Wedding Decoration Ideas

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As if planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough, it’s now time to start decorating. Of course, easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. A few tried-and-tested ideas, some inspiration and a couple of handy tips are all you need to decorate your wedding venue like a pro. The venue itself will naturally dictate the main theme. For instance, if it’s a historic hall or museum, your options when it comes to altering the structure will be a bit more limited. But at the same time, you already have a certain feel in a place that you can build on.

Outdoor venues, such as beaches, look great with bright colors that add to the summery vibe, while settings surrounded by trees will look magical at night when the fairy lights come on to brighten up nearby flowers. Once you have the fundamentals in place, it all comes down to adding a few key elements for a complete look. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 7 great wedding decoration ideas that’ll help you make the big day truly special.

Illuminating Lanterns

Perhaps the white glow of fairy lights doesn’t look as cozy or natural as you’d like. This is where the warm, soft hue of lanterns come in handy. They’re especially great for outdoor settings. Use them along walkways, hang them from trees, and illuminate your guests’ tables for a dreamy, romantic atmosphere.

Custom Wedding Koozies

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Do you want to add a truly unique and memorable touch to your wedding decor? Are you ready to put your creativity to the test? If so, custom wedding koozies are your best bet. View more here and choose from a variety of templates and change the koozie color, design, and text to your liking. Even the fussiest of guests will be impressed with your custom masterpieces.

Wax Paper Decorations

If you prefer a DIY approach to your wedding decor, then wax paper decorations are a great way to go. These inspiring, magical displays can be placed around the outer border of your venue for a more closed-in look that still allows light and air to pass through. Since you can shape and form them to your liking, it’s easy to make them fit in any type of theme.

Hanging Flowers

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There’s nothing wrong with a traditional set of white ceiling drapes, but there are some arguably superior options. For example, consider suspending a lush arrangement of flora for a more colorful and intimate space. This is a great way to draw your guests’ attention upwards, which means you won’t have to put as much effort into the flooring.

You can further add to the flowery theme by adding a collection of flowers to the top of your venue canopy. Then, make the walkway magical by incorporating a floral canopy. Opt for orchids for a neutral look and connect them with thin strings for an ethereal floating illusion.

Calligraphed Menus

One thing your guests will immediately feel the theme of your wedding from is the look of your menu. Rather than printing out a traditional restaurant-style card, take things up a notch with custom calligraphy. Your options are limitless here, from formal, classic black themes to something a little more playful and colorful.

Family Photo Wall

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Since your wedding marks the merger of two family trees, it would be a great idea to represent this in the form of a family photo wall. Include messages written by loved ones, past photos of your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings and photos of when you and your soon-to-be spouse first met.

This serves as a great conversation starter and a sentimental piece that everyone will love. Consider having photos printed into larger pieces of paper and hanging them from a rack, or simply using a wooden board. Add a touch of magic with some candles and flowers on a table in front of the wall or surround it with fairy lights.

Tulle and Flower Chair Backs

To add to the magic of your wedding, take your seating arrangement up to a notch by incorporating tie lengths of tulle to your chair backs. Add to the dreamy, romantic theme and include a pop of color by sticking your favorite flowers into the bow of the tulle.


Feeling inspired? With decorations like these, you can create the most special, magical wedding there ever was. Just be sure to wish some luck to whoever has to clean up all those flowers afterward. If you want to make your wedding special, you can click here and get help from professionals.