What are the Best Corsair Computer Case?

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Not only its external design but also the most important thing – the convenient layout of the nodes inside, an indicator of the noise level and high-quality cooling depend on the correct choice of case for the computer. Choosing a computer case for a specific motherboard, it is necessary to predict the further expansion of the device, the possible arrangement of additional large graphics processors with overall cooling systems, additional drives, etc.

The “hardware” of a computer quickly gets old morally and technically. The service life of the case is much longer than that of internal nodes. It is necessary to approach the choice of the case carefully, given the possible modernization in a few years.

We have compiled a list of the best corsair Computer cases based on expert reviews and reviews from real customers (You can check at 5productreviews.com). Our recommendations will help you make the best choice for your requirements and desires. There are many competitors in the global technology market, but we have selected the best manufacturers and recommend paying special attention to them:

DeepCool Tesseract

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The large useful capacity and effective cooling of the Tesseract SW cases is equally suitable for assembling gaming systems and computers based on ATX motherboards. The motherboard is installed on the panel, where a hole is provided that allows you to mount the cooling system without removing the motherboard.

Two compartments with plastic clips are designed for devices of standard size 5.25 inches. They are equipped with skids for easy assembly without the use of tools. The housing design provides for the installation of six cooling fans.

There are seven expansion slots at the back, there are two holes for mounting an external liquid cooling system.

Zalman Z1

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The manufacturer allocated three seats for the placement of external compartments. Two of them have a traditional size, and only 3.5-inch devices are inserted into the extreme compartment. All convenient control components and interfaces were placed on a convenient front panel. There are three USB ports and connectors for switching a microphone and headphones.

The manufacturer has provided seven slots for installing expansion cards. Two openings for CBO hoses provide for the installation of a cooling system. The original special niche on the panel allows you to place the devices included in the USB port.

Constant air circulation inside this model is provided by two fans on both sides of the chassis. They are based on plain bearing and are classified as low-speed devices.


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Side panels made of tempered glass with a thickness of four millimeters allow you to view the inside of the case from two sides without loss of strength characteristics. Branded dust filters are firmly fixed to the internal surfaces using magnetic tape, are easily removed and cleaned.

Separate internal bracket allows you to mount the video card in a vertical position. The modular structure of the indoor units involves their removal to expand the space for the installation of a liquid cooling system.

The universal design of the tray for the motherboard supports the installation of a component with any standard form factor.

Cool Master COSMOS

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Weapon-steel frame base guarantees absolute reliability of the product design in the context of protection against shock and pressure. The front panel contains USB 3.0 ports, Type-C and audio connectors.

Complete cooling fans are controlled by a separate logic unit.

Structural features of the form factor of the case allow you to install any modern liquid cooling system. Filters with a simple cleaning system on the main panels of the housing extends the life of the air fans through efficient dust collection.

Double curvature side glass panel for easy inspection of internal components without removing bolts from the cover.


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An expanded external I / O panel is located in the upper part of the case, which eliminates accidental breakdowns of headphone plugs and USB drives.

Three-level control fans for regular fans are brought to the front panel, which allows you to quickly change the cooling intensity and noise level. Functional dust filters are easy to remove thanks to the magnetic mounting strip and quickly cleaned.

Standard 3.5-inch bays combine with 2.5-inch media if necessary and have screwless mounting. Case steel withstands even extreme physical shock loads and contributes to efficient passive heat dissipation. The metal cover of the top panel supports the installation of a CBO with a radiator up to 240 millimeters.