8 Celebrities Made Famous By Their Body Parts

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Sometimes when the cards are dealt in life you get a good hand, sometimes, more often you get a bad one. Trying to make it as a famous person takes a lot of work. You work on your talent, on your personality, and on your body. The problem that a bunch of paparazzi can create is when they via some photo gets people more interested in your body than they are interested in your work.
Sometimes it takes you years of studying and work to get to the position you want so that in the end people could only remember you for some psychical part of your body. The list below is created to show you some of the people that are more known because of their body parts rather than for their work.

Kylie Jenner’s Lips

Kylie is a TV personality/reality star (neither of the two mentioned shouldn’t be mistaken for real jobs) has; we must admit, incredible lips. She claims that he didn’t have any surgery on them or any injection taken. Khloe Kardashian says otherwise but who cares?

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Cara Delevigne’s Eyebrows

There’s no mistaking it she has a mesmerizing pair of eyebrows. They don’t take anything of her beauty, but they take all of the attention.

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Julia Roberts’ Smile

Julia Roberts has been absent from Hollywood’s paparazzi lens, but it’s hard to think that anybody managed to forget about her. That broad and beautiful smile is hard to ignore.

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Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Kim is another TV personality/reality star (neither of those two didn’t become an actual job in the time it took us to write this article) is more than known for her backside. She has ‘dat ass’ that everyone is talking about

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Miley Cyrus’ Abs

The Wrecking Ball singer has abs to wish for, not that your journalist has any work put into having them. I just have my priorities straight. Beer first then whatever else comes my way.

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Christina Hendricks’ Chest

The irony with Mrs. Hendricks is is that she is famous for her portrait of a feminist in Mad Man and yet here we are putting her on the list for a reason above. The fair thing to do would be to say that we are sorry but sorry we are not. She has a nice pair of…

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Jared Leto’s Hair

Let’s be objective here; this man has a hair on pair with any women out there. And to be fair, he has tried all and every hairstyle that he could get his mind on.

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Cindy Crawford’s Mole

The French term “tache de beauté” would fit better here since “mole” sounds like Cindy has something on her face that is leaking confidential information to the Iraqi.

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