Cowboys Players Loved What They Saw From Tony Romo In Practice

Tony Romo has been a good player throughout his career and has been a solid starter for a decade. His skills are not the reason that Dallas Cowboys might trade him or cut him this offseason as we could hear some rumors and speculations about that possibility. The main reason is that he has played just four games in the past two seasons and that they have a good and a cheap replacement for him in Dak Prescott.

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Romo has suffered two big injuries in the past two years, breaking his collarbone and a bone in his back. Those injuries have cost him his starting spot, and he might never be back to his old form from 2014 when he was one of the leading MVP candidates. Potential suitors will think about his durability that is for sure.

Barry Church, Cowboys safety, was pretty impressed with Tony Romo when he made his return to practice field late in the season, and he advised all interested teams to make a deal for him.

“He looked great back there,” Church said Monday on KRLD-FM, via The Dallas Morning News. “He was dropping some dimes, some serious dimes against the No. 1 defense. We went against him on 7-on-7 drills. He looked like 2014 Romo when he was out there slinging it. He looked good to me, he had like a lot left in him.”

Tony Romo can still play, and we saw it against the Eagles in Dallas’ last game of the season. He didn’t spend much time on the field, but he did lead the Cowboys to a touchdown, and he capped off that TD drive with a pass to Williams for a score. There is no doubt that Tony Romo can ball. The question is whether or not he can stay healthy. That is the question that every potential team will have to answer.