9 Money Saving Hacks for Students

Only a few days left and the university starts again, or the FH, or any kind of educational institution. In any case, the study begins and for the students with the seriousness of life. What do students never have? Money! And what do you have more than enough of? Right, time. That’s why especially students should invest a few minutes of their time and read it carefully. We picked nine student hacks to save some money on the most important purchases at the start of the semester, the beginning of the semester is like the beginning of autumn. Both officially begin on the first of the month. But just as the actual beginning of autumn begins sometime around the 22nd of September, hardly any studies begin before mid-October. That’s enough time to check out some clever student hacks and make some real bargains. The student loan alone is usually not enough for life.

Which student hacks can save the most money?

1. What do you need as a student, especially as a first-year student? Of course a room. And if possible, there should be at least one bed, a desk and, ideally, even a wardrobe. Cheap discounts at Wayfair for the room furnishings are a welcome help.

2. The most important piece of equipment as a student these days is certainly a notebook or optionally a tablet. Apple offers special student discounts of up to 15% on the purchase of equipment. If you are not an Apple fan, you will find it with other providers.

3. At least as important as the computer is, of course, a smartphone. In order to find your way around the new city, to arrange with fellow students and for personal organization, a suitable mobile phone is essential. Meaning, a cheap mobile phone partner with appropriate benefits for students would be really great.

4. What’s the use of the greatest computer and a great place if you look like Hanswurst? The eye finally studies with. Apart from studying, there are also many other social obligations: parties, dates, concerts. The matching outfits you will find the fashion label Asos. Asos offers student discounts of 10%. And best of all, the Asos Coupons are valid until the end of the studies.

5. Every second person is wearing glasses, and that certainly does not look much different among students. In order to keep the perspective and to come with a foresight through the study, you should get at least the right glasses. Okay, sounds admittedly a bit puffy, but does not change the fact that a beautiful and trendy glasses nowadays simply belong to the outfit. Zenni Optical Coupon always has corresponding offers.

6. What do students spend the most money on? Of course for books. No exam, no homework and no exam without appropriate literature. And that’s usually not cheap. In order to save a few dollars on the purchase of books, it is definitely worthwhile once with the industry leader


7. Man does not live by bread alone, let alone students. Favorite food: pizza! No party, no fancy night, and no romantic dinner with your favorite communist without pizza. Therefore, should not be in the collection of our student’s hacks missing.

8. Of course, no one can study hard all the time, and everyone needs a break. What is more appropriate than a great TV series or a thrilling movie to recover from student life? Maxdomeleaves nothing to be desired and has really great offers of up to 40% for students.

9. Everything has an end and even the most beautiful time is over sometime. So also the student life. For most students, the study ends with a thesis. It usually has to be printed and bound. In order to complete the studies adequately and to give the whole a proper frame, a well-designed and bound thesis can definitely contribute. With Cewe-Printausterity foxes definitely get their money’s worth.