A Bug’s Life 2 Release date

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To the delight of many, especially in the circle of youngsters, the long awaited sequel of Disney and Pixar animated movie A Bug’s Life has finally arrived. This new chapter will revolve around Filk and the gang who are fighting against the bad and evil scientist.

Ever since they heard that the sequel will be coming up soon, the fans can’t wait for it to arrive. Even though there hasn’t been any official information or announcement regarding the release date, it is speculated that it will definitely be out sometime during 2018.

So, if we take into consideration that its prequel got out all the way back in 1998, this means that Disney needed 20 years to finally cheer us up with the new chapter.

So, as we already mentioned, A Bug’s Life 2 is a story about ants and bugs whose greatest opponent is an evil scientist. So, they all together try to fight back Hopper and the rest of the locusts.

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The evil scientist’s name is Professor Finbarr Kagan, and he is on his way to take Queen Atta and Gypsy by force during the performance of circus bugs. What he wants to do with them sounds really creepy and scary. His intentions are to conduct some experiment when he gets them.

They will be placed in some jar of jam with enough holes on it for them to breathe. However, Flik will not give up on them that easily and he will try to provide resistance against the Professor Kagan. But of course, he will not go through everything on his own. Our favorite ant will be helped by the colony and the crew.

So, it only remains to wait until Pixar gives the final announcement and confirmation of A Bug’s Life 2 coming out next year. Stay tuned for new and further news and updates.