American Gothic Season 2 Cancelled?


To a great disappointment of its numerous fans, American Gothic Season 2 has got a “no” from CBS. Namely, it was meant to return with Juliet Rylance in the role of Alison Hawthorne-Price, Virginia Madsen in the role of Madeline Hawthorne and Antony Starr as Garret. Nonetheless, this TV Show might still get a chance to be produced by Amblin Television once again.

According to Variety, the first season of American Gothic wasn’t such a success as it was expected. Even though it had the honor to be signed by Steven Spielberg, the show didn’t survive the ratings cut off.

The highest rating episode in the first season of American Gothic gathered only 3.6 million viewers. This is quite a surprising result for the 13-episode Season 1, especially because it started strong and immediately received an order of 13 episodes from CBS. However, the canceled series received quite positive grades on IMDb.


The finale of the first season, “Whistler’s Mother” was broadcasted despite the cancellation. Moreover, this one earned the highest rating among all the episodes of the first season on IMDb. This came as no surprise since Virginia Madsen and Juliet Rylance gave their best performance. Furthermore, according to Entertainment Weekly, the American Gothic stars promised its viewers from the very beginning a great finale.

Does this mean that the show won’t be canceled after all and that the television will reconsider its decision? Could American Gothic still be delivered on the network? What are the odds?

No one can say for sure, but we are hoping for a positive outcome. Although it might be best told in one season, everyone feels sorry that it’s over and is eager for more. If another season may not be filmed, then a remake might be a great solution for all the fans who loved the first season of the show.