Big News On Why Jinder Mahal Is Being Pushed


For most of the fans, it was shocking to see Jinder Mahal winning a Six Pack challenge to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship on Thursday. Nobody expected that to happen as there were better candidates for that spot. But, WWE went with Jinder being the one to challenge Randy Orton next month at Backlash.

The news about his push has surfaced ever since the show ended on Tuesday. There were reports that WWE has a big following in India, so they wanted to have one star that is going to represent that country. But, that is not all as there is more.


According to a very well-known and respected reporter of wrestling news Dave Meltzer of the, Vince McMahon clearly feels that the company lacks that anti-American heel now that the Bulgarian Brute Rusev is injured. It is entirely possible that Mahal is getting this big push because Rusev is out of the game at this moment. There is no doubt that Smackdown Live lacks that number one heel in the title picture as WWE is saving Baron Corbin for later this year when the big shows come.

Besides that, the company feels that it really doesn’t matter who is getting pushed to the top as the belief is that the fans watch the product because of the brand itself and not for the specific stars. People that are complaining about Jinder are probably going to be the ones that boo him, which is the reaction that WWE wants to get for him anyway.