Bobby Roode’s Theme Song Was Intended For Another Big Star


When you are talking about the best entrance songs in the WWE, you can’t end the conversation without mentioning Bobby Roode and his Glorious theme as one of the best in the company. There is no doubt that the song is extremely popular with the fans and has been a big part of Roode’s success so far in the WWE.

As soon as the tune was revealed as his theme, everybody went crazy as the song has reached a lot of views on both YouTube and other platforms. It did very well od iTunes and Spotify as well. But at first, the song wasn’t intended for him but for another huge star.

The superstar that was supposed to go out with this song was Shinsuke Nakamura, a guy that came to the company a couple of months before Bobby Roode did. The tune was presented to him only for Nakamura to turn it down as he felt that it doesn’t go really well with his character and who he is as a wrestler.


He worked with the company on his theme Rising Sun, and it is also one of the most popular songs in the WWE right now, probably only behind the one that has Bobby Roode. To many, Nakamura’s theme is the best in the company, and we are not far to agree with that statement.

All of this turned out very well for both superstars as they are two of the most popular guys that WWE has right now on their payroll. There is no doubt that they are great performers, but their theme songs helped them in a big way.