A Few Important Aspects Customers Looking in eCommerce before Shopping


Presently around 644 million websites are active on the World Wide Web and the stiff competition among eCommerce websites are growing day by day. Online sales and gaining new customers have become the main cause of concern for every eCommerce owner.

So, they try to improve their business reputation by including key elements in their website like SSL certificate, testimonials and great content. But, despite these elements, they are not able to sell.

Most of the web owners doubt in their mind about what important aspects to include in an eCommerce website to turn their web visitors into customers?

Here we rationalized these crucial aspects that can actually surge up the eCommerce sale:

Quick loading

Nowadays, users have no patience and they expect to load a website within 3 seconds. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, half of its visitors leave the site. Faster loading time shows the customers not only your product or service but also reflects your care about them.

The more your website takes time to load; there is more probability to lose your potential customers and profit. Thus, invest more time and money for looking better hosting solution and to optimize your website.

Ideal Navigation

The objective of the navigation is to facilitate the visitors to find their desired product on a website through menus and sub-menus, linked text, scrolling or clicking, icons, images, and buttons. Thus, navigate the site in a way that customers easily find what they are looking for without any hassle. The easiest method to ease your customers is simplifying the search by categorizing the catalog by category or brand name.

Web Security Indicators

The concern for website security has been increasing with the growing cyber crimes for the last few years. The best way to protect your eCommerce website from hackers is to install an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate encrypts the information that is exchanged between a web browser and a web server.

You can protect your consumer’s precious information like emails, address, phone number, and credit cards with an SSL certificate. If you have multiple domains and want to secure all then buy multi-domain SSL Certificate. You don’t need to buy separate SSL for every domain.

Mobile Responsive And User-Friendly Design

In the era of smartphones, the eCommerce business also does not get deprived off from the effect of smartphones. 60% of web visitors come through mobile phones or smartphones.

Thus, your website should have a user-friendly and mobile responsive design so that you can grab the mobile user as well as desktop users to improve your web conversion rate. You can click here and find more about it.

24/7 Customer Support With Live Chat

The customers’ trust can be earned easily by showing them your passion for helping them. Sometimes, customers have queries regarding product and services or troubles while shopping. So, make sure that there is a 24/7 hour available representative to help them.

Moreover, complete contact information, community affairs, a brief historical background, and contract services of the company put a great impression on customers.

Login Area And Shopping Cart Display

When customers begin shopping from any commerce website, they expect to display their shopped product in an easily visible cart. Beside it, customers should not be asked to log in first when they just entered a website. It can disappoint them.

Necessary information can be asked when they want to do make final payment and shopping cart system should be accessible across all devices and platforms.

Showing Payment Systems On Every Page

A payment method icon or shipping charges must be displayed on every product page. It shows payment transparency and helps make a purchasing decision instantly. Customers do not like surprises about pricing and shipping fees.

Furthermore, various payment methods also should be displayed on a single click so that a customer can make payment without any hassle and on their preferred choice.

Product Description

Today’s consumers are more eager to know about the product than in the past. They search on Google for more detailing. If your eCommerce product page is missing some information about a product, it may lead to losing the customer and others can take advantage of it.

Thus, make sure to include product description in simple language, including product features, size charts, materials, and so on.

Social Proofs

Social proofs put a great impact on web visitors. The recent studies show that 70% of consumers make a purchasing decision by reading the reviews and rating of a product.

The social proofs like customer’s testimonials and reviews not only motivate the customers to buy but also build customer trust.

Hence, persuade your existing customers to leave a rating or a review on your site so that it can help others to know about your product and services.

Final Thought

Never forget to consider these important aspects while making a website, because the chosen factors can make or break your aptitude to increase force and grow your business.

How much time and money you utilize in your business strategy also play a vital role in your eCommerce success.