A Virtual Phone Number Is What You Need to Expand Your Business Meteorically


When you set up the essentials of your business, and you are all set with lofty ambitions in mind. You dream of making it big, but your present budget constraints mean that you have decided to skip on a few elements that you don’t consider to be of utmost importance. More often than not, a professional contact number is on the list of frequently skipped items that business owners do not deem necessary.

However, a business phone number can be of great use, if you can foresee the impact that it can have on your business. While you may argue that your company may not be old or popular enough to make the most of a virtual phone number that most leading businesses employ, the truth is that the cost factor is always negated by the overall, long-term factors of business operation.


While it is important to be prudent and cut margins wherever possible, especially during the early days of your business, it is also essential to be wise and foresee decisions that can have a more significant impact on your trade than you may think.

Call Forwarding and Voicemail

First of all, having a virtual phone number brings with itself the versatility of directing phones calls to an endpoint, even when you are away. For instance, if you are away on business meetings, there cannot be hours in your business when your phone goes unanswered.

Using a business number gives you the ability of a professional voicemail inbox, which can receive all the calls that you may have received, when away.

There might also be moments when you are out on personal engagement, and you do have the bandwidth of attending to a work call. In such scenarios, having a business contact number allows you to set it in call forwarding mode, through which all necessary phone calls will be routed through to your phone number.


This not only increases the convenience of usage and operation but makes sure that you do not miss a single opportunity of business. CallHippo gives you a quick solution for your busy schedule. You must log in to know more.

Routing and IVR

Having a business phone number also comes with the massive advantage of automated call routing. All that is required of you is to set your business up, link it with your chosen business contact numbers, and input a directory of contact details for every member of your business.

By doing so, you provide an automated system of routing calls to the designated person for every task. Furthermore, it gives the impression of professionalism, simplicity and streamlining of functions by routing calls through a business line, even to the person who has called with a query.

An IVR, or interactive voice response, is another major advantage of owning a business line. It saves your business the crucial workforce that you will otherwise be required to spend for receiving every phone call.


Furthermore, as your business grows, so will the number of calls that you receive, and with that, the overall manual fatigue and expenditure that your employees will go through to keep up. In this situation, an IVR is the best solution, providing automated answers to people calling for your business services.

Call History and Safety

Having a virtual phone number listed for your business also helps you maintain an automatic log of all the phone calls that you have received, which includes all the calls that you have received, calls made from your line, and calls that went unanswered. This can help you inspect the reason behind calls being missed, keep a tab on the total phone calls that are made from office lines, and maintain data of all calls that were made to your business.

Safety is yet another crucial factor behind maintaining a business line. When it comes to work, it is a risky prospect to give your contact number to every person that you meet. For instance, if you own and run a business services operation in Texas, it is imperative for you to use a US virtual phone number to make sure that you present a professional outlook while retaining your privacy.

A business contact number, hence, goes miles in not only establishing your professionalism but makes sure that you reap an all-around benefit from investing in a long-term resource for your business.