How to choose the best running shoes for men

Running is an activity that most guys are engaged in. Some of them take this method as a daily exercise, while others look at it as a career. This is very true for the athletes, whose goal is to be a professional runner. Anyway, whatever the reason is for running is important because this gives you the inspiration to keep running.

Why do men run? This is a question that you cannot only answer because you want it or you are used to it. Running is not just an activity, but a way to keep one physically healthy. When this is your kind of activity, then you may be able to keep your body weight. Aside from that, you also can burn fats or calories. Therefore, it is an ideal way to maintain your figure.


Since most of the men like running, then the right pair of shoes must be picked. There are also a few factors that you have to consider when choosing the best running shoes for men. You cannot just use anything that looks cool and expensive when it comes to running. So, we have here a few tips that may help you choose the right pair.

Design or Built

Is it really designed for running? Remember that a running shoe is different from a walking shoe because of how it will be used. So, you have to make sure that the ones you want to choose are specially built for running purposes.

When you think of the design or feature, do not just look at how pretty or nice it is, basing on what you are seeing. Make sure that you will ask about the purpose of this shoe. If it is not meant for running, then this is not the one that you are looking for.


Do not always deceive yourself by choosing the cheapest one. Middle-class people in society nowadays like buying cheaper items because they can cut down the cost of their shopping expenses. But this will not always be applied when it comes to the best running shoes for men.

Who cares, if the cost of your shoe is too much? If this pair of shoes was built for running, comes with great features and with high quality, then it is fine to buy it no matter how expensive it would be. You are not going to buy a new pair every day, anyway. The reason why it is tough and expensive is the fact that it will last longer.

If you are going to buy very cheap pairs of shoes, then you might end up buying twice a month or more. So, if you think that buying cheaper items when it comes to running shoes, then this idea won’t work.

Running Shoe Category

The road-running category is shoes that were designed and built for roads and ventures. This comes with a lightweight feature and flexible as well.

While the trail-running are shoes that were designed and built for off-road purposes. It would be fine to use this type of shoes when you are running on a surface with obstacles, such as rocks and mud.

And then, the cross-training are shoes that were designed and built to be used in the gym or workout. So, if you are used to running indoors, especially with machines or equipment, then this is an ideal choice.

Running Style

Every guy has his own way or style of running. You may all be doing the same activity, but your style differs because it sometimes depends on the condition of your foot, too. The pronation is a style, where a wear pattern unifies the foot’s ball along with some part of the heel. The foot rolls inward and then, the heel strikes the ground.

Next, we have the overpronation, where the wear patterns are unified along the shoe’s inside edge. The other one is the supination or under-pronation, where it is unified on the shoe’s outer edge. Lastly, we have the barefoot or minimalist, where your heel hits the ground first because the heel usually has an elevated cushioning.


When you are buying a pair of running shoes, make sure to fit it. You have to make your feet feel comfortable with it. Do you know that when you run, your feet actually tend to spread? So, make sure that it is not too tight and there must be space left when your foot spreads.

It is also important for your shoes to wrap your foot comfortably. Make sure that this will not be too sloppy at all. This is why it is very important to buy a pair of shoes personally. Sizes may also differ, depending on the manufacturer or country. So, your country’s size may not be the same as other country’s size.