A Handsome Italian Marries Himself, Sending a Powerful Message to the World


Italian Nello Ruggiero is the first man who got married to himself, and he has just returned from his honeymoon in Egypt where he met some interesting people. This is the first single marriage in the history of humankind, and he obviously didn’t need a bride for this kind of commitment.


He was a guest at one Italian radio, where he explained why he decided to get married to himself, according to the Italian media. Nello said: “The society marginalizes me? And I don’t love anyone more than I love myself.”

According to Nello, this decision was spontaneous. Considering that he has four brothers and all of them found their soulmates, they were just waiting for Nello to find himself a wife. He wanted to grant them that wish while they are still alive and he tied the knot with himself. His wedding surprised one TV show which offered him to air the ceremony.


Even though he was filmed and on television, he said that nothing would have been different if the cameras weren’t rolling. He stated: “I did this for my parents.” Nello wanted to show that everything was going to be okay with him, even if he were not to find a soulmate for his lifetime.

As for the wedding, nothing lacked. The groom arrived on a white horse and the guests who awaited Nello to come thought that this was his 40th birthday celebration. He was thinking about every detail, and you would have thought that it was a regular wedding.

After this event, many women wished to marry Nello, whereas some other people wanted to get married to themselves, even the ones who are already married. As for his parents, they accepted it well, and we bet they’ll get along with his “new wife.”