The Curse of Oak Island – 5 Facts Which Suggest There is no Treasure


6These five facts suggest that there is no treasure


The Curse of Oak Island is a popular TV show that follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they try to disclose the secrets of the island and find the hidden treasure. People started wondering whether the talk of the treasure is real, or a made-up story and how could you blame them? The Lagina brothers haven’t made any significant revelations since they started excavating.

The central location on the island is the Money Pit, and Daniel McGinnis was the first one to start the explorations on Oak Island. According to the story, he sailed to the island when he was only 16, but he and two of his companions gave up after they reached 30 feet. The island was visited by random people after that, until 1803 when mining group Onslow Company took over. The Money Pit got its name after their efforts to find the treasure. Even though many have tried to get rich, it is a good question if anything is hidden there. These five facts suggest that there is no treasure.