A Leaf Blower Buying Guide

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Gas-powered or electric? Light-duty or heavy duty? Backpack or handheld? Choosing a leaf blower can be more time-consuming and complicated than people first realize. We’ve thoroughly tested the best Ryobi leaf blowers at https://billious.com/best-ryobi-leaf-blower/. Learn more on them as they are really at the top of the market I mean, how hard can it actually be? You just want something that will allow you to get rid of the leaves without raking your yard for several hours. Well, it will all depend on how much money do you want to spend and how convenient you want it to be. Here are some things that you should consider when searching for a leaf blower:

Types of Leaf Blowers

1. Light-Duty Electric Blowers – this type is the best one for blowing leaves, as well as dirt from driveways or decks. Also, corded electric brooms and cordless electric blowers fall into this category as well. They do not have big fans or motors, hence they are also the quietest blowers that you can get.

2. Heavy-Duty Electric Leaf Blowers – in order to deal with lawn areas, you will need more power. As suggested by listoutdoor.com, if a 150 feet extension cord will allow you to have enough reach, hence a good corded electric blower is the best combination of quietness, convenience, and power. Most of these can also mulch and vacuum leaves for composting or flower beds making them even more diverse.

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3. Handheld Gas Blowers – these are noisier, heavier, and more expensive than the electric blowers, but they will work anywhere, which makes them a good choice for yards that are close to half an acre in size. Before opting for this blower, there are a few things to consider, the annoying hassle of mixing and storing gas, they are more expensive, and most handheld gas blowers do not have a vacuum, so you will need to create a new way of gathering leaves. If you do opt for this option, you should look for engines of 24 to 30 cc in size.

4. Backpack Gas Leaf Blowers – according to NeedForHome these are the most powerful, hence they are the heaviest blowers on the market, which explains the fact that they are worn on the back. They are the best option for a big yard and you can also find push-blowers with the same or similar power. You should search for an engine that is 40 cc or even more. Four-cycle engines or hybrids are do not pollute the environment as much and they are much quieter. Also, you should choose one that has good padding, since it will reduce the vibration and the air circulation.

What to consider

Before you decide which one you should purchase, there are a few more things to consider:

1. Leaf Blower Noise Level

The amount of noise that a blower makes can influence what you are searching for, and you should keep in mind who might be impacted by the noise when you work outside. For residential purposes, the quieter it is the better it will be since you will not want to have problems with complaining neighbors. A good thing to remember is that electric blowers equal quiet, gas blowers equal loud. Also the bigger the motor is the more noise the blower will make.

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2. Leaf Blower Power

Power is also important when you are considering a leaf blower to buy. There are two things that you need to consider and they are to look at the cubic-feet-per-minute and the miles-per-hour. A common mistake that people make is that they think that greater MPH will mean more power to push, of course, the air will come out faster, but the more leaves there are, the blower will need to work more. What you need is to look at both the MPH and the CFM.


These things are what you need to consider when choosing a leaf blower. It will make the whole process easier and less overwhelming, and these tips will allow you to choose the best blower for your yard. You can check out thebestleafblowers.com if you want to see what are the best leaf blowers available.