The best gifts to make your mom happy

Maybe it’s Mother’s Day, maybe you just want to surprise your mom for being a good mom, whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. It’s not easy nailing the present every year for both Mother’s Day and birthday, but if your mom is anything like mine, she’ll love whatever is made by your hands with love. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You can always buy her something you know she really needs, but when you feel like she’s got everything she needs, you can always wake up the creative kid inside of you. You only have one mother and you should cherish her and make her feel loved. So, here are some of the best gifts you can give to your mother this year.


If she loves to read, a good book is always a good present. You just have to know which genre is her favorite. If she’s into fantasy, don’t go buying her romantic novels and vice versa. You can always write a pretty, short note in the book so she’ll be reminded of you every time she opens her book. Books don’t have an expiration date and unlike many other things, hoarding books is quite a nice hobby. They can look good on the shelf and you can always go back to re-reading it every once in a while.


Bouquets and potted plants are wonderful birthday and Mother’s Day gifts. They are colorful, cheerful, represent life and love, and will bring a smile on every mother’s face. On this website you can find beautiful examples of bouquets made especially for Mother’s Day. Multi-colored tulips, roses, daisies, succulents, and lilies are all really good choices. I just recommend keeping it colorful as colors make people happy. If she has a favorite flower, then that is the one you should get her. If she enjoys potted plants more, than give her potted plants.

Support her hobby

Does your mom have a new hobby that she’s really into? If so, then you don’t have to think too much about what to get her. If she’s into painting, buy her something she needs for painting, if she’s into sewing, try with a new sewing kit, if she’s into yoga or hiking, look for some new gear that would make her happy.


This is maybe the best kind of present. Anything that you made with your own two hands, she’ll appreciate. You can consider making her a beautiful photo album with all of the pictures of the two of you and add a pretty note under every picture. She’ll love going through the album every once in a while. You can put a picture of the two of you on a ceramic cup, or engrave a ring. Anything personalized will surprise her pleasantly.

A day out

Organize a nice, fun day with your mom. Take her to a massage, manicure, pedicure, movies, dinner, or simply take her anywhere you know she likes going. Or you can simply order her favorite food and watch movies with her because what she loves the most, is you!