Is Your Heart Searching A Perfect Jewellery Piece For Your Wedding?

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Are you in search of some stunning pieces for your wedding trousseau? Finding a perfect piece that complements your attire as well as the hairstyle is quite tough though. The bride’s aura must be exemplary, and hence, statement jewelry plays an integral role. Here are a few tips and tricks that would definitely help any bride in finding her perfect jewelry set.

Triangle Diamond Open Ring
Triangle Diamond Open Ring

Match the necklace silhouette with your neckline

Does your neckline match with the necklace’s silhouette? You must check that the necklace silhouette is perfectly symmetric and in accordance with the necklace. Most of the people forget while getting their jewelry, to check their neckline’s symmetry. If the necklace’s fitting is not up to the mark, it does not matter how pretty the design is, it will drop the entire beauty of the dress as well as the brightness of the necklace will also get dull.

The detachable statement pieces

It is quite obvious that you cannot always wear those heavy earrings. The expensive items are barely picked up again by any bride. So, find something that gets detached and forms a small earring or any other accessories item. Nowadays, detachable jewelry is very easy to find in various stores as these are extremely popular among the brides. You can easily get detachable earrings and necklace pieces.


Earrings must augment your hairstyle

Always ensure that your earrings are going well with your hairstyle. You should visualize the hairstyle in your mind and ensure that whether it will be perfect with the necklace and earrings or not. You can also try it and give it a shot so that you can give the jewelry for alterations if needed.

Pair the jewelry according to the event and occasion

A wedding comes with an array of events with it. Be it a cocktail party, engagement, wedding day, or reception; the jewelry should always be according to the occasion. The heaviest accessories should be kept for the big day, and the lighter one should be used in the cocktail party and engagement ceremony.

Follow the trend

You should opt for the jewelry patterns and designs that fit with the latest going trend. Choose the trendy patterns as it allows you to use those pieces even after your wedding when you create a heavy look at someone else’s wedding. You can easily get some absolutely stunning and trendy collection at

Mom’s jewelry for a classic vibe

No one can deny the crisp fact that says, “old is gold”. You can utilize your mom’s jewelry to give your look a vintage touch. Nothing can be better than wearing your mom’s jewelry on your most auspicious day. Moreover, you can make some alterations to your jewelry according to your dress and other pieces.

Go for minimum colors

Balance Ratio Black Diamond Band
Balance Ratio Black Diamond Band

Do not try to blend too many colors together as it might look messy. Avoid using any multicolored jewels on your wedding day. The multicolored jewelry takes away all the concentration from the beauty of the bride, and it does not look neat and tidy as well.

Highlight the statement pieces

If you have chosen any specific item which is a bit heavier, then go a little lighter with the rest of the jewelry, so that the statement piece is highlighted.

If your dress is very heavy, then try to wear some light weighted jewelry. And choose the items that get highlighted by your clothing. Also, select the metal according to the color scheme of your wedding dress.

Go for one metal

Do not opt for many metal shades together in one jewelry piece as it again looks messy. You can get a wide range of bridal jewelry in a variety of metal shades with some stunning and trendy designs. But make sure that it does not have more than two metals together as it looks extremely chaotic.

Metal and skin tone

The metal shade should suit and must harmonize with your skin tone. It is pretty important to check this beforehand. As it sometimes happens that the jewelry is beautiful but does not go with the dress and skin tone.

Huge ring

Every bride is not less than any fairy from heaven itself. Go for a ring with a huge diamond or a grand sized ring for your middle finger. It gives a quick glam to your look.

Bangles with heavy, designer work

Bangles made up of only metal are currently on the turned-off side. Choose the bangles which have some heavy, shimmery stonework on them. Match the stone color according to your attire. Diamond studded bangles also look posh and lavish with the bride’s attire.

Lightweight earrings

Open Bezel Diamond Ring
Open Bezel Diamond Ring

It is quite obvious that no one wants to tear up her ear or swell it up while wearing super heavy earrings for a glam-up day. Heavy earrings make the piercing of your ear even bigger. Therefore, you must check it beforehand that the earrings are heavy by looks but light in weight.

Must compliment the bridal attire

You must not compromise on getting the jewelry that matches and complements your bridal dress. It adds the glam effect and looks lavish at the same time. Moreover, it enhances the overall personality of the bride.

Go for Diamonds

Diamond is evergreen and eye-catching beauty which never goes out of trend. Try to get jewelry with diamonds studded on gold or platinum. You can easily use your diamond later on various occasions.

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Choose your comfort above all

The comfort factor must be considered before all the designs, trends, colors, etc. You should style yourself with the trendy patterns but keep your comfort ahead. It is very important to feel comfortable on your big day.

Wrapping Up

These were some simple yet essential tips and tricks for your bridal selection. However, it is not always necessary to go with the trend. Make your own fashion statement. I hope you get the best statement pieces according to your choices.