Accel World Season 2 Release Date Info

Numerous fans of the Accel World are eager to know whether there will be a second season of their favorite show. A light novel written by Reki Kawahara got picked up as an anime series by Sunrise and aired in Japan in 2012. Masazaku Obara directed it, and Hiroyuki Yoshino wrote the screenplay. It immediately gained enormous success, and hence English-language version has been introduced from April 2013.

Accel World – Plot

The story of this anime series is set in the year 2046. This futuristic setting means state-of-the-art technology, which engulfs people in the virtual world when they go online. The main character is Haruyuki Arita, a young boy who comes across a lot of bullying at the school, which leads to a lot of problems with his self-esteem. However, there is one game he excels at – virtual world network squash. He holds the record until a very popular girl in school, Kuroyukihima, comes along. The two of them team up in order to win the tricky Level 10 of Brain Burst. Unfortunately, the downside of the game is that it is erased forever if the player’s score goes down to nil. These two are doing their best to succeed.

Accel World Season 2 Release Date

When it comes to the second season of the show, we must admit that there is an abundance of material to work with, which is a premise for the next season to be delivered, but nothing official has been said yet. According to the Reddit post, both Kawahara and the show’s producer promised they would try to push for a renewal of Accel World, but there are many shows on Sunrise’s hand at the moment, so some others have to wait, including Accel World. Therefore, its fans need to be patient and wait for its renewal, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for this to happen.