Love saves the day once again

The amazing story comes from North Carolina where Brett Epps had a kidney transplant surgery which saved his life. You probably think that this kind of operations happens everyday so what is it that makes this story so unique? The donor of his new kidney was his girlfriend, and future to be wife.

Alixandra Cirigliano and Brett Epps started dating in 2014 and one month after the start of their relationship he was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis which is a rare kidney disease that manifests itself on the kidneys in shape of scars. The named disease inflicts damage on the part of the kidney which is in charge of filtration the blood.

Former wrestling star didn’t give in, and his girlfriend was standing next to him trough his entire treatment. At first, Epps had days when he was receiving the dialysis for nine hours a day. After being tested positive for a donor, his girlfriend Alixandra was thrilled to be able to donate one of her kidneys to the man of her life.

Before the final surgery, Epps had two attempts of transplantation from which one nearly ended with donors demise. The second one was postponed because Brett wasn’t in a state to undergo surgery. Two of his brothers wanted to donate their kidneys, but they weren’t ideal match. That was when he finally accepted the organ of his future fiance which he earlier refused because he didn’t want to bring her into jeopardy. Later after the acceptance of her kidney, he stated that he always knew there was a reason for why did she enter his life.

Brett Epps has expressed his gratitude but also his love for Cirigliano by proposing to her in front of the medical staff of the North Carolina hospital where surgery was done. After successfully completing the procedure the couple was put in separate rooms but right across the hall from one another so that they could at least see each other until they fully recuperate. They are now happily married after Epps defeated, what he called, ‘My Toughest Opponent Ever.’