Advertising Trends which will Rock 2019

As each year goes by, newer trends in advertising emerge that make the marketers go all ballistic with their creativity and use. Fads come and go, and advertisers set down to find new methods to market a product or service. What is useful in today’s world might be redundant tomorrow; that is because technology keeps changing and the ability to push a product through a specific channel gets decreased.

As technology evolves, so do the methods to advertise a product or service. We have come far away from raising up billboards to buying TV spots for ads and eventually paying website owners to show an ad. What we are looking for is effectiveness and reach of an advertising method; the larger share we get through a channel, the greater are the chances of us selecting that particular one. Advertisers also tend to research and set a combination of advertising methods to reach the target market.

Here are few of the trends that are rocking and will rock more so in 2019:

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing– Researchers and scholars keep publishing articles on this topic. It is said to be a holistic concept of marketing a product that is really important in the day and age we live in. Omni-channel marketing focuses on the seamless integration of all the advertising prospects of a product or service and giving the customer a brilliant experience of purchasing. Companies have realized how important is it to implement Omni-channel marketing to gain and maintain an edge over other companies. For example – ThanksForTheHelp does omni-channel marketing for students based out of Australia.

  2. Video Advertising– This has already been identified as one of the top ways to advertise a product or service. As more and more people subscribe to websites like Instagram and Youtube, advertisers have found these platforms to be a viable option to advertise their product or service. Usually, it was the full ad that the advertisers paid for, but now they have realized that the attention-span of today’s user is very less and minimalist ads work far better than detailed portrayals.
  3. Social Media Influencers– There are people who frequently post on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; other people follow these ones and heed their suggestions seriously. In other words, they have an influence over other people that might be in any field they consider the person to be an expert in. Companies have identified these to be Social media influencers who can be really useful when pushing to sell a product or service. All the advertiser has to do is to pay the person and ask him/her to create a written or video post using the product. This is one of the newest ways of advertising and certainly a very effective one.

  4. Embedded Videos– You must have seen videos in-between articles or on the corner of a webpage that begins playing as soon as you scroll. Advertisers realize that a good video advertisement will surely catch the eye of a customer. For that, advertisers embed videos on web pages that a customer might be visiting. It might also mean that the customer would ignore the video and focus only on what he/she was hoping to find on the web page. The success rate of this type of strategy depends on how well the advertiser has identified the target market.
  5. Rooting for Social Change– There is always a burning issue and a need of the hour. Advertisers tend to identify social causes and make advertisements in support. Nike did that when they made an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick who generated controversy previously with his actions when he stood down at the time national anthem was being played. When you root for a social cause, people tend to listen seriously and give more attention. Nike received revenue amount nearing $6 billion after they released the ad with Colin Kaepernick. This shows how much a company can gain when it stands for the people. TopAssignmentExperts recognized the need of poor students to gain equal access to education and started helping students get into good colleges by providing help with scholarships. They went out and created an ad based on that.