Lord Conrad – The Rising Italian DJ Star

In the past few years music has been changing a lot and from dance and rock music in the 80s we know to face ourselves with the expansion of hip-hop and electronic music. And with that a lot of upcoming DJ stars that are yet to take the board. Among everyone is Lord Conrad one of the most perspective DJs and electronic music producers out there.

Though still not as famous as Martin Garixx, or Hardwell this young man has many years ahead, and he has already produced more than a few singles. Along with that, Lord Conrad is a model and an actor as well and coming from Milan, Italy he loves to see himself as a guy who enjoys life and tries to spread awareness about important things. Some are already calling him, Lord of Music while he remains conscious and modest.

Let’s go ahead and take a deeper look at what this Italian Lord has to offer us!

Something About Lord Conrad’s Work

As mentioned above Lord Conrad was born in Milan, Italy and the influence of the Southern-Europe country is seen throughout his music, appearance as well as character. This guy never fails to express his sensitive and modest personality through his songs, while still sending out a strong message to the world. Before becoming a popular music star, he was a model and a dancer in Italy and was widely known among many clubs. Women and men enjoyed his performance, and already then it was clear that he has much more to show. He started making music a few years later, and in 2017 he released his first hit single Touch the Sky. People loved it, and soon after came the Day After Day which was topping the lists on major platforms. Most of his videos are filmed in Italy, and he loves including cars, and girls in it combining it with scenes of unique action and love.

After getting a good public vote in the past few months, he released two more singles Fight Till The End and Only You. The first one turned out to be a huge hit, and the second one had a huge message. With the song, Only You, Lord Conrad tried to express his sadness about a recent incident in club situated in Ancona and tried to spread awareness about problems that teenagers mind end up being in.

Fight Till The End – A Pure Electro Anthem

Without a doubt, the Only You has been a single with the strongest message yet, but the Fight Till The End one brings us back to the old electro pure sound days. Lord Conrad did an amazing job thumping beats and strong bass, accompanied by amazing breakdowns. The use of synthesizers is especially noticed in this song, and these just seem to come alive and breathe. There is a strong influence of pop beats as well, and this one will be on the playlists of clubs throughout the world. It is bold yet emotional, and one just has to love the synth sweeps that are giving this single an even stronger sound. On one side it is bassy and brash, while on the other hand, we can feel the old sound of electro music, organized and clean. In few words, it is something that can satisfy even the most demanding electro listeners and combines the old school vibe with modern electro sounds and techniques!


It is clear that Lord Conrad is just starting and much more is to be seen of him. With the hits such as Touch The Sky, Only You and maybe his best one Fight Till The End he just shows that he plans on changing the electro stage for good. With his unique appearance, personality and music style, Lord Conrad is something we will all enjoy listening to in the upcoming years!