What You Should Know About The Amber Teething Necklace

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Hello mothers and fathers. If you have a baby who’s reached the age of teething, then sleepless nights, tiredness and maybe even stress have already come upon you, and for that, we can honestly relate. If you choose to make this go away, you know there’s an easy solution, and no we don’t mean increasing your sleep medication. What we mean is the Amber teething necklace for babies. If this is your first time hearing about this, we’ll walk you through some facts about it.

What is an amber teething necklace?

This is a necklace or accessory that is commonly used on teething babies. It possesses certain analgesic properties which are absorbed into the bloodstream through the permeable skin of the baby. Hence if your teething baby is fuzzy, crying or having trouble sleeping due to the pain and discomfort he/she is going through, the amber teething necklace will make all that disappear.

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What is the necklace made of?

The amber teething necklace is simply made of Baltic amber. Amber is a fossilized sap, found at the bark of Trees. When a tree is cut or damaged, the sap leaks and over time due to this exposure, it hardens and solidifies like a rock and can be used as jewelry amongst other purposes when polished. Making an amber necklace is easy. All you need to do is to bore holes into the already hardened resin and string a cord through them. You also decide to string a shorter cord for anklets and bracelets.

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What color does it come in?

Well, it comes in amber color. However, there are slight differences in the shade. You can see a yellow looking shade, a brown shade or even a beige shade. Most manufacturers claim that for an amber teething necklace, the darker the shade of the amber, the more therapeutic it is.

How does it work?

Amber which is a naturally occurring mineral possesses healing properties when placed on the skin. Now, the skin’s temperature or warmth releases the therapeutic properties of the amber in the form of natural oils, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream, through the skin. The main constituent of amber is succinic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain and swelling during teething.

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Are there any risks?

Suffocation and strangulation are top of the list concerning the risks. Your baby could break it off, or put it in his/her nostrils and it ends up blocking the windpipe. Or the necklace may be too tight on your baby and if not properly monitored could cause strangulation. However, both risks can be checked if the baby is supervised while wearing the amber teething necklace.

The amber teething necklace is the solution for teething babies and stressed out parents. Your baby will be free from the discomfort, and you’ll finally get all the sleep you’ve been craving.

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