What Is Aircon Chemical Washing and Why Is It Essential?


You’ve probably come here just because your air conditioner has been becoming colder and colder over time, or it’s been generating a lot of noises frequently. Whichever the case may be, a chemical wash for your aircon will rejuvenate even the most venerable air conditioners!

Everybody understands that if they buy an air conditioner, they must clean and service it on a regular basis to avoid major aircon issues. There are various alternatives available when it comes to air conditioners maintenance work. The chemical wash of the air conditioner is one such alternative.

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Aircon Chemical Wash


If your air conditioner still doesn’t produce cold air and takes much time to cool your area after cleansing the air ducts, your aircon professional can suggest a chemical wash. A chemical washing is a method in which chemicals are used to clean the internal parts of your air conditioner. First, your system would be disassembled, revealing the condenser, evaporator coils, and air filters. The components are then immersed in a chemical solution to assist in eliminating any dirt and grime, as well as corrosive acids.

A chemical solution is also used to clean out the air conditioner’s interior pipes. It assists in the removal of sticky residue and acids from aircon components. The chemical wash can even be used to completely dissolve and wash away any algae or sludge that has built up in the drain pipes.

Three Common Situations: How Frequently Should You Seek for Aircon Chemical Wash?

1. If the air conditioner stops blowing cold air

When the air conditioner is clogged with dust and grime, it produces little or no cold air. The majority of the time, it’s due to ice buildup in the condenser. When this component, together with the fan coil, becomes dusty, it will experience great difficulty creating cold air for your device. Its why chemical washing is essential to give it a thorough cleaning and restore the unit’s functionality.

2. If your air conditioner is dripping water, it’s time to call a professional

Backflow happens when the system’s drainage line becomes blocked, resulting in a leaking air conditioner. When this occurs, your aircon will be accompanied by a continuous stream of water. What is the solution? A good, efficient chemical washing.

3. If the air conditioner begins to produce a nasty smell

Don’t be alarmed if your air conditioner begins to emit a strange and strong odor. Its reason is more likely to be a large collection of microorganisms within than a decaying animal carcass. Call an air conditioning unit service technician straight away to get your unit chemically cleaned if you have this problem.

Chemical Washing Process: Basic Steps

Below is what will be done on a regular basis throughout the chemical wash:


First step

An expert will remove the air conditioner covering and disassemble the unit. The first step is to remove the internal components, including the condenser, evaporator coils, and filters.

Second step

Next, the technician will submerge the internal components in a chemical solution to remove the filth and any harmful acids. They’ll then use water and chemical reagents to clean the air conditioner filter. The interior evaporator coil, the drainage tray, the front panel of the air conditioner, and the cover are then washed using high-pressure water nozzles.

Third step

The filth, grease, and dirt accumulated in the fan coil parts throughout time are then cleared using chemical solutions. Such chemicals include substances that destroy and inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, allowing your air conditioner to stay clean for a longer duration.

Final step

Finally, a vacuum will be used to clean the drainage line thoroughly.

Before the expert completes the cleaning and repairs all of the parts involved, they will test the air conditioner’s different functions to confirm that they are operating correctly. Examining the lubricant, compression suction, and discharge pressure are just a few examples.

If more repairs or servicing are necessary, the expert will inform you on the spot. Only respectable businesses will go over and above to inspect your air conditioner for any problematic parts and recommend whether they need to be repaired or serviced. As a result, it’s critical that you select a reputable and experienced air conditioning service provider to clean your system. After following the methods outlined above, your air conditioner will feel and function like new.

Is It Necessary to Clean the Air Conditioner with Chemicals?


Chemical aircon washing is an essential procedure. Cleaning on a daily basis can assist in the removal of some undesirable particles even though the parts have a lot of harmful filth that has been collected over time.

Toxic gunk is difficult to remove and can rust and harm internal components of your air conditioner, reducing its efficacy and performance. As a result, it’s a good idea to clean your air conditioner with chemicals at least every 6 months.

What Are the Advantages of Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

  • One of the most significant advantages of chemical washing is that your ac will be capable of producing higher-quality air. Because a chemical wash will clear all dirt, filth, fungus, and germs from the refrigeration unit, the ensuing air will be considerably better, safe, and healthful for everyone.
  • Any electronic device that is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis will have a longer life expectancy. The same can be said for an air conditioner. Regular chemical cleaning of the air conditioner guarantees that it will operate at peak efficiency for a considerably longer time without collapsing.
  • When all of the parts of the air conditioner are fully cleansed and washed throughout a chemical wash, all fungal and mold smells are removed from the air that is blown indoors.

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