AirPods – Advantages and Disadvantages

Apple’s iPhone 7 came without the headphone jack, and that caused a lot of controversies, but the wireless headphones are becoming a regular thing nowadays. Soon after that, the company introduced AirPods, which have been launched after a slight delay. While these may not be the only wireless headphones on the market, could they be the best? What separates this gadget from the rest is that they do not have a single cord that connects the two pieces, but how good Apple AirPods really are?

The design of the AirPods is similar to the design of the EarPods if you would cut off the cables and slightly change the earbud form and stalks. These will fit your ear perfectly with the shape that goes down past your earlobes, but they only come in one size, and they are not for everyone. No matter how hard you push them in your ear, you can still hear what is going on around you. What is important is that the people in your environment will not hear the sound blasting out of your AirPods, unless you listen to the music at the highest volume level.

The AirPods are light, and most people think that they may drop out of one’s ears, in most cases that will not happen. They are very stable, but we have already mentioned that they only come in one universal size, so someone might find them uncomfortable after they have been inside your ear for an hour or two. Running with your new gadget is not a problem, but they can start to slip back from ear because of the sweat, and there is a greater chance that they will fall out. If you are wearing medium-sized shape earrings, you will not be able to put your AirPods into your ears, because the stalks bash into them.

The sound quality of Apple’s AirPods is extremely good, even when they don’t fit as perfect as they should as there is far less of the treble that is the characteristic of the EarPods. The sound has not improved significantly, but it is still remarkable considering that latest product of the company come without a single cord. Furthermore, the call quality is pretty good as well, the person on the other side of the line can hear you loud and clear and you can hear them the same way.

AirPods have a minimalistic design, and there are no buttons on them. The only thing you can do with these while you listen to music is double tap them to activate Siri or pause/play music, and what will happen depends on the default settings. You can also pause by taking one of the earpieces out and resume by putting it back inside your ear. If you want to adjust volume or go to the next track, you can do it either via Siri or your smartphone. These are perfectly combined with Apple Watch, which makes the controls easy.

You can connect your AirPods to the various Apple devices and once you do you can listen to music. You can also disconnect them from one gadget and connect them to the other fast and hassle free. Once you connect them, they appear within MacOS’s menu bar or in Command Center, and all you need to do is to select them. There is no small lag like on the most Bluetooth headphones as the connection of AirPods is bulletproof, reaching at least 10 meters.

You can also connect these earphones to the devices which are not produced by Apple, but the process is slightly different. By pressing the button on the case, you will put the earpieces into pairing mode, which allows you to find them and pair them manually. Some of the gadgets you can connect the AirPods to, are Galaxy S7 Edge or Google Pixel XL, for instance, but the sound quality is not that great like when you pair them to Apple’s products. Also, Google Assistant or Cortana cannot be activated, and if you take one earpiece out, the music doesn’t stop.

The Cupertino-based tech giant produced a really good case for your AirPods so that you wouldn’t lose them. When you put them inside the case, they are held in place by magnets, and the case has up to 24 hours of running time. You can charge it via Lightning, but what is lacking is the battery indicator on the outer side of the box. However, Apple added a little red LED light that is on when there is no more battery life left. You can listen for five hours of music a day, plus those 24 hours of the case makes these perfect for trips.

The AirPods are revolutionary wireless earphones and what is good about them is that they look so cool, there are no cords which would distract you, and the battery life is extraordinary. Furthermore, they are easily connected to Apple devices, and the controls are rather simple. On the other hand, the AirPods are only produced in one size and color, you might end up losing one, and there have been some problems with synchronization between the two earpieces. We leave you to determine whether the AirPods are great or not so good.