Could Jimmy Butler Be Heading To The Boston Celtics?

NBA trade deadline is one of the most exciting periods of the NBA season. Teams are looking for short term and long term answers for their franchises. If a team feels that they can get a good deal now, they will pull the trigger. It’s always risky to add a player in the middle of the campaign, but sometimes it can pay off and boost your chances.

One team that needed to raise their chances in the East were the Toronto Raptors who just struck a deal with the Orlando Magic for Serge Ibaka. He is just what the Raptors needed, but we still need to see how will he fit with Toronto. One of those squads that might be looking to make a deal now is Boston.

Jimmy Butler is still probably available as this Chicago team is going nowhere. If they get to the postseason, they will likely lose in the first round and go home as a first round exit. They might be looking to blow it all up and rebuild. The logical move, if they decide that team reconstruction is the way to go, is to ship Jimmy Butler somewhere.

Danny Ainge will call the Bulls. He will for sure try to make something happen. But, Chicago is going to demand that the Celtics send them this year’s Brooklyn 1st round pick that has a great chance to be the number one overall choice. Celtics will likely want to keep that one but will try to trade their 2018 first round selection that they also have from the Nets. If they can agree on that pick, it becomes likely that this deal can actually happen. It’s easier said than done, but this shift will depend on whether or not the Celtics are willing to part ways with this pick or if the Bulls want to take that 2018 Brooklyn’s first rounder.