Why AJ Styles Didn’t Go To NXT Like Everybody Else?


When the WWE picks up a new star, they usually go to the NXT in order to develop their characters and get familiar with the WWE’s way of doing things in the ring, with the camera and everything else that comes to performing in the biggest company in the world. Even the greatest stars on the indy scene that signed with the company had to go through developmental. Well, almost everybody did, except AJ Styles. Why is that the case?

To be honest, there are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, AJ Styles is regarded as one of the best, if not the best wrestler in the world. If someone could adjust to the life in the World Wrestling Entertainment as quickly as possible, it was AJ Styles. The second reason for it is because he was so popular before coming to the company that the fans really didn’t need to get familiar with him in the NXT. Many people already knew and loved him, so Vince decided to strike the iron while it is hot. The third reason is him being 40 years of age and that he is not the young stud that still has all of his years ahead of him. They needed to make a move on him right away.

But, AJ Styles realizes just how important the NXT is. The Phenomenal one has talked about being lucky to work with Chris Jericho when he arrived as he was the one that thought him the basics of working in the WWE. Here is what Styles had to say about the NXT.


“I know I didn’t go through NXT. But the learning curve is very steep and you better learn very quickly if you’re able to bypass NXT. I said this to Triple H that they need to go to NXT. There’s so much that goes on to just the camera and the way that it’s directed at you that I didn’t learn anywhere else. They want it done a certain way. Either they throw you into the fire and it’s sink or swim, or you go to NXT and learn.”