Underground Season 3 Still Uncertain


Underground Season 3 still has an uncertain fate. Sinclaire Broadcast Group has purchased Tribune Media, which is the parent company of WGN America, the network where we had the opportunity to watch the underground railroad drama.
Moreover, not only is Underground’s future uncertain, but the future of the entire WGN America, as well.

According to an anonymous agency insider from The Hollywood Reporter, Sinclaire might get rid of all scripted drama at WGN America. The insider said it was a complete pause at WGN America. He added that they weren’t sure whether they would still have scripted there. The insider mentioned that the talks had just stalled out of the sudden. Namely, they were trying to figure out what they would do and whether they should continue with scripted at all.


As we know, Underground has a pretty large army of fans and is highly popular with the audience. Moreover, it has a great critical acclaim. Nonetheless, its cancellation would come as no surprise. If WGN America was capable of canceling its most-watched drama Outsiders last month, who knows what else might occur to them. They might have foreseen what would happen if the Sinclair deal went through.

However, numerous fans of Underground shouldn’t lose hope for its third season. Nothing official has been confirmed yet. Apart from that, the studio responsible for making the drama, Sony Pictures Television is said to be already looking for a new home for the show. In case you are wondering how much the production of a single episode might cost, it amounts to $5 million per episode in the show’s current incarnation, believe it or not. Moreover, the show has an SVOD deal with Hulu.


Unfortunately, Underground Season 2 finished a couple of days ago, and now everyone’s left wondering what we’ll be watching next and whether we’ll have an opportunity for that at all. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.