AJ Styles Has Some Rough Words For His Former Company


AJ Styles is one of the biggest stars in today’s WWE, but the Phenomenal One didn’t create his name in the World Wrestling Entertainment. He created it by wrestling all over the world and being one of the best performers that independent scene has ever seen. He is best known for his run with the TNA as he is their probably number one star of all time. But, AJ didn’t have a lot of nice words for them.

Ring of Honor treated me really well, and new Japan treated me like a superstar,” said AJ. “So I’ve got to give credit to them, who helped boost my ego a little bit because it was definitely flattened due to TNA’s service. But then – doing all that and then having the opportunity to come to WWE and, you know, whether people like it or not, WWE is easy, the biggest – you know, when it comes to wrestling, it doesn’t get any bigger than the WWE. And being there means you’ve finally made it.”


It is for sure that AJ Styles has a lot of love for his previous employers as he has made his name with them, but it seems that he doesn’t appreciate TNA as much as other places that he has worked in. Still, according to his words, the WWE is the best place for him, and he has achieved all of his goals.

“I can tell you this,” AJ started explaining. “I am certainly happy with making it to WWE. It is thus far head and shoulders above any other place that I’ve ever worked.”

It seems that AJ Styles is pretty happy about his current situation. WWE higher ups are also satisfied with his work so far as they are pushing him as one of the company’s top stars.