Is Triple H Forming A New Evolution On Monday Night Raw?

Wrestlemania season is in full swing, and WWE programming should pick up and be the most exciting it’s going to be all year. Well, it should. Monday Night Raw has been pretty subpar ever since the brand split happened, so it’s going to be a bit surprising if they are able to make a good and competitive television program in the next month and a half.

Triple H might help them on Monday Night Raw as he is known as a creative mind. Things that he does with the NXT brand speak for themselves. But, it seems that his character is back as he was seen in a couple of Raw latest episodes. First, he came out and set Samoa Joe on Seth Rollins.

Then he was seen with Kevin Owens, a guy that he helped get the Universal Championship back in August. They were talking and Owens went into the office with him. After that, he proceeded to attack and destroy Chris Jericho. Could Triple H have something to do with that move?

Well, he was a member of the Evolution when he was younger. Batista and Ric Flair were also with him in that stable. When Ric retired, Randy Orton took his spot and they continued being a dominant heel faction in the WWE. Now, Triple H is again bound to be a leader of the Evolution, and Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe seems like great choices to join him in his new faction.

It will be interesting to see how this storyline with Owens and Goldberg plays out and what will KO do after he likely drops the title at Fastlane to Goldberg.