AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens – Summerslam Predictions

Source: wwe.com

They are two of the best performers that the company has. But, the fact of the matter is that the matches that they have had so far in this US title feud haven’t been really good. Two battles in which these two guys were involved on the pay per view event have been decent, okay, but they haven’t lived up to the expectations. Now, they will meet at Summerslam, with AJ entering as the champion and Kevin being the challenger.

AJ Styles is one of the biggest superstars in the company. It just seems that he is the best guy that Smackdown Live has, their biggest draw and the fan favorite. Even though he has done a lot for the US title as it is more prestigious, it seems that WWE should put him in the main event picture as that is the best way to use your golden boy. Jinder Mahal was an experiment. While it seems that he is the heel that Smackdown Live needed at the top, they should have put him in the US Title hunt first and let AJ battle heel Randy Orton. That was the way to go this summer.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Kevin Owens had a good run with the US Championship, the Face of America gimmick was really cool, and we have a feeling that it is not going to go away. There is, of course, that pending return from Chris Jericho, who you know is going to be involved with Kevin Owens when he makes his return.

Since Shane is going to be the referee and there are rumors of him feuding with Owens in the near future, we are going to pick Styles to win this match because of a mistake that Shane is going to make as a referee.