Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Preseason Week 2 Predictions

In the first week of the NFL Preseason, the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles have scored a combined number of 19 total points. The Eagles have only scored 9 against the Packers at the Lambeau Field, while the Bills were able to put up only 10 points on the board against the Minnesota Vikings. To be fair, there weren’t many starters in the Week 1 that took the field for these teams, but we expect more starters in the second week of the Preseason.

The Buffalo Bills have shipped Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles Chargers. That was a big move for a guy that is pretty talented but has had some troubles with the injuries. In return, they got Jordan Matthews and some draft picks that are going to be useful when the 2018 NFL Draft comes. But, as far as the on the field production goes, Jordan Matthews is step-down from the talent that Sammy Watkins is.

Source: todayspigskin.com

On the other hand, they are going to face Jordan Matthews’ former team in the Eagles. Philly wanted to improve their defense and that is why they got rid of Matthews. Even though he had a good year last season, now Alshon Jeffery is there to be the number one guy so Matthews kind of became expendable. Wentz is going to get some looks in this game, and we expect him to be good as he is entering his second year.

In this match, the main players will start to show up, but not for the entire game. Eagles looked good at times against the Packers, they will be playing at home, and we are going to pick them to win this duel with the final score being 24:14 on their home turf.