Alexis Ohanian`s Net Worth 2019 – Internet Investor and Entrepreneur

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Alexis Ohanian has many talents and businesses going on. However, he is most famous because of his wife Serena Williams, the famous tennis player. Besides that, we can call him an Internet investor and entrepreneur. He is one of the founders of Reddit, a social news website that is located in the United States. Also, he is a founder of “Initialized Capital”, a venture capital fund, a social enterprise called “Breadpig”, and a “Himpunk”, the search website specialized in Travels. He was named “Mayor of the Internet” by some Forbes`s journalist. Let us present you with his biography and net worth as of 2019.

Personal Life

His full name is Alexis Kerry Ohanian, and he was born in a part of New York called Brooklyn. His mother Anke was from Germany, and his father Chris had Armenian origins. Chris`s grandfather and grandmother came to the United States after the Holocaust, that happened in 1915. He started attending Howard High School. His education was finished at the University of Virginia.

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He and his wife Serena hid their relationship for a long time. Eventually, they got engaged on the tenth of December 2016. Their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian was born on the first of September 2017. Two months after she was born, they married on the sixteenth of November 2017, in New Orleans. The pair looks pretty happy together, and we can see that they will have a bright future together.

His life wasn`t always easy and happy. He had problems while he worked on “Reddit” and “MyMobileMenu”, his girlfriend at the time was in an accident and went into a coma. Also, his mother was diagnosed with cancer around that same time. When these two accidents happened, he was out of business for a few months, but soon he was back into the seat.


His professional career began in the year 2005. That year he developed “MyMobileMenu”, together with the web developer Steve Huffman. They started working on “Reddit” that same year, just in case if their first project fails. Two years later, they started working on the merchandise company “Breadpig”. Most of the profit made from “Breadpig” is given to various charities.

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During the year of 2010, he started working for a company named “Microfinance”. That same year, he finished working on a website named “Hipmunk”, and he worked as the advisor. Forbes named him in their list “30 under 30” two years in a row, and he was named one of the most important persons of the Internet and IT industry. Official, there are no awards for Alexis Ohanian at the moment, but he is considered one of the most innovative people in the world, more specifically in the IT industry and the Internet.

Net Worth

Today, the net worth of Alexis Ohanian is estimated at 10 million dollars. This may seem small for someone that is mainly working on the internet. However, we can surely say that his profit will increase in the future, looking at how the internet is growing. Recently, he sold “Reddit” for $20 million. Plus, he made money from his other businesses not related to the internet.