Alfa Romeo 6C Disco Volante Render: Italian work of art!


The Italian automaker has huge plans for rebooting Alfa Romeo world-wide. Alfa came back to the US where they introduced their new models Giulia and Stelvio in hopes of overthrowing German automakers from the top.

However, Italians seek pure dominance on the market, and according to their product plan, we will most likely see four additional models before the year 2024. Among those new vehicles, we speculate that we’ll see a hatchback, a sedan, and two new SUVs. It is highly possible that the hatch will replace the Giulietta. There are also rumors of two more ‘special’ cars, but we haven’t got a clue what they might be like. We hope that one of the two will be a sports car from the picture above or at least closely related to it.

The car in the picture above is work of Alex Imnadze, and it is called Alfa Romeo 6C Disco Volante. The stunning looking vehicle in the render has been dubbed as the ‘halo’ model, and we can see why since it is attractive and its looks perfectly fit the standards of being the next big thing in the Alfa Romeo lineup.

Even though it isn’t quite similar to existing models’ style, it surely looks futuristic and attractive with its front fascia similar to the Toyota FT-1’s and a small cabin with small side windows and heavily tapered windshield. Even when we look at the wheels, we can see that they feature carbon fiber spokes.

The back of the vehicle looks more flashy than the front, and it is reminiscent to some extent to the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, but it is more open and a little bit less beautiful to be honest.

The chances of new Alfa Romeo sports car to be similar to the one we have in these pics are quite small, but we are interested in your opinion. Would you like to see the successor to the 8C Competizione that looks like this? Would you even like to see the new version of the 8C Competizione? Let us know in the comments section below.