Rhino XT Is Fast and Furious

Source: highsnobiety.com

The Rhino XT is actually a Jeep Wrangler that has gone through some serious changes, and it has been assembled by US Specialty Vehicles from California. They found the inspiration in the old Hummer concept that has never reached the production line.

The Rhino XT seems as if it came out from a movie. Well, actually, when The Fate of the Furious cast saw this truck standing proudly at a car show, they immediately wanted to make it a part of the film. The director of the latest installment, F. Gary Gray, liked the truck so much that he even ordered one for himself, so don’t be surprised if you see the Rhino XT in Furious 9.

Despite the fact that a supercharged V6 powerplant powers the Rhino XT, the truck is not really fast. The engine produces about 300 hp, which is just slightly above the figures of the stock Wrangler, but the design of this modified truck is what truly matters.

Source: fcauthority.com

The plan is to put the 707 hp V8 engine from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat under the Rhino XT’s hood, and US Specialty Vehicles are on it, together with Dakota Customs. The Rapid City company does Hellcat Wrangler conversions, but they also modify the transmission, driveshafts and differentials.

Fox News spoke with the US Specialty Vehicles client relations specialist Ernie Salazar who gave them photos of the first customer car that is being produced for a renowned country music star. This star has reportedly driven the Hellcat-powered Rhino XT, and he says that it is amazing. The starting price of this Hellcat Rhino XT truck is around $157,000, but the base model with the regular engine starts at $85,000. The version with a 500 hp Hemi V8 is somewhere in between.

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