Alfa Romeo C18 Looks As If It Comes From The Future

Alfa Romeo has always focused on styling, and they have produced so many cars with a beautiful design. However, those stunning-looking automobiles usually have had mechanical issues, but luckily, Alfa Romeo has stepped up its game recently, and they have managed to improve in reliability and still keep the authentic and outstanding look of its cars.

FCA doesn’t want to hide its plans and thanks to that we know what to expect from Alfa Romeo in the next few years. The one vehicle that caught our eye is the sports Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. However, in spite of the lack of information about the new car, designer Antonio Paglia has rendered this model, and it looks as if it comes from the future.

The vehicle we can see in photos is named C18 Concept which has a very sleek front end and the elongated hood. Moreover, this car comes with the streamlined area for a windshield that stretches all over the passenger’s seats, giving them fascinating view from the cabin. Also, the C18 Concept is equipped with LED headlights and LED DRLs while LEDs can also be found on the authentic front grille which brings a well-known shape of a triangle.

Also, the Alfa Romeo C18 boasts massive wheels and unique skin on the rear end, while the taillights are connected with a strip. A racing variant of this vehicle has been designed as well, and it looks even better than the one you see here. The race ready car comes with the flared arches and numerous aerodynamic elements, which makes this rendered beauty super aggressive.

What do you think about the Alfa Romeo C18 Concept? Would you like to drive one?