Superhuman Effort From Knicks And Hawks Leads To Four Overtimes

Every team has 82 games to play during the regular season in the NBA. That’s why we are bound to see a lot of epic duels in each of the seasons in the NBA. Sometimes, matches go to overtime and even double-overtime. There are some games that take three overtimes, but rarely it happens that teams need four extra periods to decide a winner. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s cool to see it.

Atlanta had a nice lead at the end of the regulation, but Knicks late surge pushed the game to OT after Carmelo drove to the rim to tie the game. He was probably fouled on that play and should have gone to the line to give Knicks the lead with 2 seconds to go in the fourth quarter.

Little did we know that Melo’s drive would take us to the seemingly endless cycles of extra periods in this match. Carmelo did it again in the overtime as he hit the step back jumper to send the game to another five minutes of play. After the third OT, it was clear that squads were exhausted.

After the fourth overtime period, the Atlanta Hawks ended up winning the game 142:139. Paul Milsap was the iron man of the duel as he played 60 minutes in this one out of the 68 total minutes that were played in this match. Milsap had 37 points and 19 rebounds to lead the Hawks to their biggest win of the year.

Carmelo Anthony was clutch as he sent the game twice to additional five minutes of play. He finished the duel with 45 points on 50% shooting and 48 minutes of play. Still, it was not enough as the Hawks won this epic 4OT encounter.