Alien: Covenant: New footage has been found


The next in line of the Alien franchise is the Alien: Covenant, after thirty-eight years has passed since the first and the original movie. So, it is back in the game. Covenant follows its original Alien, however, it also keeps all of the novelties that made part of its predecessor Prometheus.

In Alien: Covenant the story revolves around colonists who happen to discover a new planet for which they immediately think could be their new home. But not everything goes according to their plan. Upon they see android David (Michael Fassbender) going away with Shaw (Noomi Rapace), they know that situation is not good. And this doesn’t appear to be their one and only problem. They are also attacked by some new monsters that they need to defend from.

The clip that is now available for everyone to see shows Katherine Waterston sending a message to her father while expressing the high hopes she is having for the Covenant’s mission, as well as her doubts and fears. We soon discover that her fears were founded as the clips show that things have started to take a wrong turn on the planet. And for those who are afraid that the clip might give away something they don’t want to see, no worries about that. No spoilers here!

There is another short clip to see as well. In the second one, we see Billy Crudup’s Oram reading a message. But the clip is also interrupted by some other short videos. We need to point out that Billy also looks a little bit like a robot and sounds like one as well.

Alien: Covenant includes another type of monsters, which is called the Neomorph. The new sequel will also be having Engineers from Prometheus back in the story again, but their exact role in the movie is still not precisely defined. So, prepare yourself for the new chapter of the Alien franchise.